Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Busy Week In Which Many Photos Were Taken

This is a total shocker, I know, but Mom sort of went crazy with the camera this week.  She's been playing around with some of the 'sports' settings on her camera, and took about 87 bazillion frisbee photos.  While frisbee photos are all well and good, do you really need a sports setting to capture this?

I thought not.  But apparently Mom thinks the rest of the world should be able to experience the grace and "poetry in motion" that is my sister going after a frisbee.

Ooops!  Wrong photo.  No poetry in motion there.  Lemme try again.

Um, wait.  There's got to be a photo where Abby is all graceful-like.

Graceful?  Maybe not, but flexible, for sure!

Flexible and lighter-than-air, apparently!

I don't know WHAT this is.  I do know that it is not the picture-definition of graceful!

Holy Flying Hippobottomi, Batman!

She's twisty, that's for sure!
I could go on and on with these photos - Mom has terrabytes of photos Just Like these.  Apparently Abby really does have springs in her legs.

Oh!  Wait!  I do have one photo of Abby being graceful - this was as she was continuing to rehearse for that famous ballet, Doodle Lake (to go on tour this winter, dates not to interfere with the Frisbee International Winter Championships).

Pretty cool, huh?

But don't think that I just sit on the sidelines while my sister is off doing her frisbee acrobatics.

Frisbee Happy Dance!

Yep, I've got the classic 'doodle extension!
Heheheh.  Seriously, there are about a zillion cool frisbee photos.  But we didn't spend our entire week chasing frisbees.

We actually had an entire hour this week where we were expected to behave (also known as doggie class).   After some playful antics to make sure Jessi (the turkey hotdog lady) had really missed us, we settled down for some good behavior.

"Who?  Us?  You want us to do what?"

"Oh yeah.  Just wave those turkey hotdog bits and we are All Yours!"

"Hey Abs - do we look attentive?"  "Yeah, sure.  Keep your eye on the treats!"
We soon got down to the important business of posing for photos in stores.

"Look attentive - we get more treats that way!"

Flower girls for hire!

"Hey Mom and Dad - this is one for you!"

"Ahh.... Relaxing in the shade!"
After our one-hour period of good behavior we were whisked home so we could get back up to our usual shenanigans. 

For the record, I am a Real Dog.  I like sticking my head out the window.  However, I only actually stick my head out the window when the car is moving, so don't blame Mom for the quality of this photo, as she was driving while taking this photo (given the number of near misses with mailboxes, I don't recommend trying this at home!  Just kidding - no mailboxes were harmed in the taking of this photo!).

We had a most totally pawsome weekend!

Oh, and Mom is thinking she should have a bronze statue of this in the yard since she's got So Many versions of this Exact Photo...


Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


Dexter said...

Miss Abby is headed for the MTV awards while you will be welcomed in more classical circles. I still think you must have some sort of doodle catapult and your dad is just off camera with his finger on the trigger. PULL!


Anonymous said...

There is something not quite right with Abby. But you knew that. You on the other hand Fi, are the picture of perfection with this frisbee sport thing. geesh. both of my dogs would be "what, chase that thing? huh?"

Murphy said...

You ladies are surely Doodles in Motion! We are impressed with your moves! Is your mom like our mom, she has 87 million photos of us on her phone and another 87 million on her computer. And that is just a weekly total. Glad you had a good International Labour Day!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Millie and Walter said...

You girls sure do have the moves. We love all the acrobatic moves.

Millie & Walter

Ziggy Stardust said...

Holy Dogs, I am totally amazed at the action shots and yes I did see gracefullness in all of them. I hope you were compensated for all of your work and that you have the final say on what gets viewed. If you need an agent please let me know. I can negotiate a very good contract with just a small fee for myself.

Loveys Sasha

Molly the Airedale said...

We just love your poetry in motion shots! They're fabulous, girls!
Mom LOVES your flower girl picture. She says we'll hire the two of you on the spot!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

bbes tribe said...

Totally coooool action foots!we think she really has some powerful springs in her legs.she almost flies and got some serious air going for the frisbee s. your mom took great pictures of you both:-)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Your mom does a fantastic job with the camera. Mom tries every setting and our action shots are still blurry
Benny & Lily

Cowspotdog said...

you girls are super hero's you just need capes with all that flying you do

The Army of Four said...

I like all the run, run, run stuff... but I'm not so keen on catching anything. I'd love to run with you both, though! Run, run, ru---did you mention hot dogs? Ooooh... I could get into that, too!
PS: We love your mom's photos!

1000 Goldens said...

Ladies - your Flying Wallenda routine is truly amazing! You could take that number on the road :) I guess one hour of good behavior can be tolerated when hot dogs are entered into the equation...much less a little car window time :) XXOO, Newton