Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Birthday to Dad!

We haven't been blogging much lately - mostly because we don't type very well and Mom has been busy with her 'day job' and her photography business.  She's been reading all sorts of stuff about marketing and sales and all sorts of stuff.  Apparently there is more to a photography business than just taking pretty pictures.  Who knew?

Anyhoo, Mom did manage to take some time today to help us celebrate Dad's birthday.  We thought 'celebrating Dad's birthday' would involve the Magic Cheeseburger Window, but apparently it involved silly headwear and liver treats, instead.  At least there were liver treats....

Happy birthday, Dad!  Really.  We mean it!  Just because we aren't smiling doesn't mean we are any less sincere!

And we don't even get cheeseburgers for this.... *sigh*

Yeah, um, happy birthday.  Can we go now?
Really, Dad, happy birthday!

BTW, you may have noticed that we are nekkid.  We have had an unseasonably warm winter (sorry to all our pals on the East coast), and our 'long' winter haircuts were just too hot for us, so Mom took out the clippers yesterday and made us all nekkid-like.

Don't we both look so thrilled?  
However, it is much nicer to not have all that extra hair - we are way more into spring zoomies when we are nekkid!

The springs in Abby's leggies work even better when she's nekkid!
Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dad!  Even if we didn't get cheeseburgers...