Saturday, April 16, 2016

Abby Isn't Glowing in the Dark (yet)

Hiya!  Thanks for all the good wishes for Abby.  She has had her stitches removed, and started her first round of chemotherapy (she gets 5 doses, one every three weeks, assuming she doesn't have any side effects).  Now that her stitches are gone she has been given the okay to resume regular frisbee activities.

And I have a much better time chasing frisbees when my sister is out there with me.

Yep, happy days are here again!

BTW, Abby was still wearing her sweatshirt because it was nippy this morning - 28F (if you look closely in the above photo, you can see Abby's breath against her left should).  But the brisk weather didn't stop us from having fun!

A few days ago (before Abby had her stitches removed), we got some snow. I was able to do full-on high-speed zoomies in the snow (no photos of that, sorry!) - it was awesome!  But we both enjoyed the snow!

The funky weather also brought some really cool looking skies, and Mom had fun with her flash while we diligently posed and were promised snacks.

I fully expected to see Miss Gulch flying by on her bicycle....
I'll keep you posted on Abby (and if she starts glowing in the dark, I'll make sure Mom gets photos of that!  In the meantime, here are a few more photos where Mom was having fun.

Lady, it's nippy out here - could you get this frisbee and throw it for me?

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the (non-glowing) Hippobottomus