Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Time Flies!

 *Sheesh* It's been MONTHS since Mom has been able to help me with a bloggie post (and with floofy feet, it's not exactly like I can type myself...).

Mom is giving excuses like work, and how she's experiencing every day as "Blurs-day" - as in the days all blur together.  Um, yeah.  Welcome to my life Mom.  I get up, I go outside, I sit on the stairs while you do yoga, 

I eat, I wrestle with Daisy until we go on walkies, 

I sleep in the hallway 

until I move to the stairs...

Daisy snoozes in the office while you work, and makes sure your yoga mat doesn't go flying around the room.

Occasionally get up to bark at things, and when you are done with this work stuff, we go outside, Daisy and I bitey each other,

and then you putter around in the kitchen, eventually you feed us, Daisy and I do zoomies and bitey some more, 

And then we go to bed, and get up and do it all over again. All of our days are the same.  So what?  How is "Blurs-day" a bad thing?

Okay, occasionally we have moose intervals...

And Dad plays his guitar...

And we pose for photos in the Fall colors while Dad models his bee-keeper suit

And we just pose for photos in general...

And some of us watch squirrels with great intensity...

So, I don't see why Mom thinks the days all blur together.  Maybe it's that work thing she does that makes it seem that way, because we're always having fun!

I don't know why Mom is always asking for Van Helsing's phone number....


Well, happy Blurs-day, or whatever day!  Mom may be busy, but at least she gets photos of us, even if she doesn't post them very often...!  Have a great day, week, month...  Heehee!

*kissey face*
-Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy