Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Very Busy Holiday Weekend!

We hope all our friends who celebrated Thanksgiving this last Thursday had a grand holiday!  We most certainly did!

In preparation for the holiday, we spend a lot of time enjoying the snow from last weekend.

We also spent a bunch of time primping so we'd be ready for our Dad's mother and sister.

Mom, make sure you get my good side!  Oh, wait!  All my sides are good!  

Mom did a nice job of making Abby look dark and mysterious!

Me?  I'm just working on the cute look!  Not that I have to look hard...

We're getting treats for this, right?

We even put on our holiday finery to get us in the mood!
We were all ready when Dad's family got here, and we happily mauled, erm greeted our extended family! 
Hi, Granny!

Dad's sister is a dog person, so we totally sucked up to her!
Mom attempted to get a family photo, but apparently she hadn't quite figured us into the equation.  Not including us in the photo?!?  Is she nuts?!?  Oh, wait, she's our Mom, she is nuts!

Mom and Dad spent a lot of time gallivanting about Park City, and we had to amuse ourselves while they went off to movies and dinners and things (at least they had the foresight to bring home doggie bags, or there would have been serious protests!).  But everyone seemed to have a good time.

And we did get in plenty of quality frisbee time (something about us being 'worn out' - whatever that means, it didn't work)...

Now it's back to the grind!  (Which, for us, means walkies, frisbee time, quality naps and more frisbee time!  For Mom it means getting up at o'dark-thirty and going to the Great Kibble Provider.... Hey, someone's got to provide the kibble and it certainly isn't going to be Abby!  Heehee!)  Have a  great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Sunday, November 23, 2014

It May Be Fall, But It Looks Like Winter to Us!

While we don't think we could handle Buffalo-levels of snow (well, maybe we could, but Mom couldn't), we are happy when we get snow this time of year.   And we made sure we enjoyed all the snow we got!

We got about a foot of snow this weekend, and as everyone knows, there's no zoomies like snow zoomies!

Abby has a tendency to come running right at Mom....
The new snow seemed to add extra spring to our leggies!

However, the snow and the colder weather seems to have messed with the calibration of the Doodle Launcher....

It's a good thing our neighbor's yard is a soft landing!  Heehee!


Mom says this one makes her back hurt...

Even I was not safe from the mis-calibrated Doodle Launcher.

But Abby seemed to have suffered the most from reveled in the misfiring of the Doodle Launcher

Here, Abby is obviously rehearsing for Doodle Lake!

This one, I have no explanation for, other than that Abby is a canine Mobius strip...
While Abby likes flying through the air, I try to keep my feet on the ground when I'm engaged in frisbee action...

So are we happy about the new snow?  You betcha!

In other excitement, the mayors-elect of Blogville, Murphy and Stanley, have named us to their administration as Undersecretaries of Photography.  Which means that we are putting the 'pet' back into 'pet photographers'.  Heehee!

And we'll leave you with our high-fashion wet-snow gear!

Have a great week, and happy Thanksgiving!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus