Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Quickie!

I totally blame Mom; she has been all busy-like, what with her trip to visit Granny and Grandpa (and our uncles, their families and our cousins, human and canine), and the something about having Dead Lines at the Great Kibble Provider (I'm not sure why Mom cares about these deceased lines, but whatever....) and then she had her art show as part of the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll with Salt Lake County Animal Services (and a photo of Abby was snuck in there because one of the prints Mom ordered got lost in the mail, and she needed something to fill the space, and - shocker - we have a lot of big prints of us around!).  And then she's been busy trying to get caught up on things.

But she did managed to get a couple of photos of us, so until Mom actually gets caught up on things, here are a few photos of us, doing our thing!

In Daisy's case, there was The Shocking Incident of The Frisbee That Fell Into Her Mouth. I think even Daisy was shocked!

Of course, there are also times where she shows that the mind meld Mom did wee Daisy and Abby definitely took.  No interest in where the frisbee actually is....

Maybe her eyes are just meant to be stunning looking and not actually meant to be used...

Total Demon Dog.  Also a blonde dog trying to work her way out of a black dog suit...
Lucy definitely has some 'splainin' to do.  I mean, what is THIS all about?!?

Rotten wee beastie.  Good thing she's cute!
She does harass Daisy, however, so Lucy-Fur is not completely useless!

Avenging Angel!
And she can't catch a frisbee at all - I'm not even sure she knows that you are supposed to catch frisbees. But she likes picking them off the ground and running around with them.

I remain Queen of the Tennis Balls (as is to be expected...)

And I have been swimming, so Mom isn't completely failing in her duties...

Oh, and one of Mom's very talented friends made a cartoon of Dad's hiking mishap from earlier this summer.  (She mostly makes 'toons of dog-related mishaps, but she does some completely human-created mishaps, too!)

I think she captured Dad and Lucy-Fur's respective expressions perfectly!
And now you are all caught up!  Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur