Sunday, April 30, 2017

About that Spring is Here Thing...

So yeah, um. Spring in Utah means 'variable' weather.  Where variable can frequently mean snow.

Which means....


And there's no zoomies like snow zoomies!

Or, apparently, snow levitations!

I don't even think there are words for this....
But seriously - SNOW ZOOMIES!

Little Miss Crazy Puppypants loves doing her high-speed, butt-tuck zoomies in any weather conditions, but she really likes snow!

Crazy puppy zoomies - she does laps like this every evening!

Of course, where there are snow zoomies, there is snow bitey-face!

Little Black Dog may still weigh less than me, but she's a muscular wee beast - good thing my agility and quickness is a good as ever!

What is with her and those teeth?!?

At least my experience and inherent wiley-ness lets me keep the wee beast in line, most of the time!

However, occasionally, the Bandersnatch takes liberties with my person.

Seriously. That's my LEG.
I couldn't let her get away with that...

Of course, being spring, the snow goes about as quickly as it comes (and Mom is hoping that by having the snow tires taken off her car this weekend, the Universe will take that as a Sign that maybe it is time to get on with warmer weather.... personally, I think Mom is tempting the Universe just a wee bit too much...).

So, we also got to enjoy some mud zoomies!

And in addition to all of that, Mom persuaded us to pose for some portraits. Being the nice kids that we are (well, I'm nice - Daisy is just a sucker for lamb lung snacks!), we obliged her.

Daisy is finally starting to earn her keep as a model!

Of course, I am always stunning!

What will this week bring? Who knows? But we'll be sure to enjoy it! Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring is here!

Spring is here, and Daisy and I have been having a grand time, because Spring means tennis ball time! It also means that I have to show the wee beastie how to catch a tennis ball...

Daisy seems to think that the proper approach is to swat at the ball.

Or catch it with her snooter...

And clear, she needs some help...

THAT isn't right!
Watch me, little Demon Dog!

Daisy also seems to think that tennis ball time involves bitey-ing me.  Most of the time I run away from the crazed wee demon (I am seriously getting too old for this crazy puppy behavior ALL the TIME!), but occasionally I like to show her who's boss!

Oh, c'mon on!

She thinks she's so tough...

So I have to show her my teeth to let her know I'm still in charge!


Take THAT, you crazed Hell Hound!


Watch again, little dog.

I show her, I tell her, and still she is a doofus!

Of course, it's even worse when she gets in my way when I'm trying to catch the ball!
She does pose well, however.

She looks SO innocent, but I know better!

Of course, I pose VERY well!

Have I mentioned yet how much my sister is a doofus?

Mom is quite thrilled with this next photo. Apparently she sees this as proof that the mind meld that she performed between Daisy and Abby has 'taken'.  If, I guess, throwing yourself into the air with wild abandon and an attempt to catch the tennis ball is the essence of Abby (and, honestly, it is), then I think Mom's right - the mind meld worked....

Finally here is Daisy's 9 month photo. No, she doesn't seem to be much bigger than last month, and yes, I have been working on that sneer.

Nine months.

Here's here 8 month photo for comparison.  You can see how much more enthusiastic I am now than I was a month ago! Heehee!

Daisy at 8 months.
Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch