Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Gravity - It's Not Just a Good Idea

It's the LAW.  But apparently Lucy-Fur is a law breaker. I guess when you are the Princess of Insufficient Light (extra points if you know the reference!) you can bend the law a bit.

Or a lot...


"Look Ma! No gravity!"

This kid just levitates!

Ear flappage supposedly helps with lift.

For 59lb dog, she floats really easily!
*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur the breaker of the laws of physics.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

All Sorts of Excitement!

We've had all sorts of excitement here.  First off, we all got our hairs cut.  Some of us were a tad shaggy. *cough*Lucy-Fur*cough*

But Mom said we were all getting a little woolly.  (I was actually a tad less woolly, as I got a haircut a little bit later than the kids - when they got their last hair cuts, I was still recuperating from my eye surgicals and couldn't be bathed.)

I don't think Lucy has any eyeballs in this photo.
But, we got our furs trimmed, and we are all aerodynamic.  (Well, Daisy and I are. Mom decided to keep Lucy-Fur looking like the Muppet she is.)

In this photo, Daisy had just barely stopped moving, but her ear hadn't caught up with her! Heehee!

Here I am, looking all dramatical.
And little Fluffer-Nutter-Butter, rocking her Muppet look, complete with sassy ear flippage. Her ear flippage is quite impressive!
The shorter furs have made us all a little more energetic.  (Well, the youngsters are always energetic, but now they are even more energetic. Which is a tad frightening, truth be told...)

I'm running around catching tennis balls, very streamlined!
The youngsters haven't ever quite mastered the fine art of bitey-face.  They wrestle a lot, and show off their teeth, but they seem to be more interested in bouncing around each other and zoomies.  But, they aren't hassling me (too much), so I guess whatever they do is fine!

Some weird yoga pose, I think...

See? They just like to show off their teeth.

And run around the yard like crazy women.

More teeth. I swear that kid is going to need braces... I wonder if insurance covers that.

Oh yeah, and they bitey each other's tails.

More teeth and bouncing around.

Yet more teeth and zoomies.

I don't think I need to repeat the caption over and over again. But Lucy-Fur does have some impressive pearly whites!

Yep. I totally think Lucy-Fur needs braces.

And they make crazy-eyes at each other.

Yeah... The youth of today...  I dunno about them...

But, Lucy-Fur does have a fine appreciation for the tennis ball, so there might be some hope for her, even if she is more interested in tossing it than catching it.  Still, tossing the ball is good!

However, with our furs cut, you can see Lucy-Fur's Big Dog collar.  Now that she's almost a year old, Mom figured she was ready for her 'real' collar.  Of course it is in Devilish Red.

I think the groomer did a great job of keeping her horns covered up!
Speaking of Lucy-Fur being a big dog, Mom finally got around to doing her 11 month shoot. Of course, by the time she did it, it was really her 11 1/2 month shoot, but there you have it.

Little-Fur has grown a half an inch in height in the last 6 weeks, and has added another 3 pounds.  However, with her furs trimmed, you can see that she actually has a waist, so she has long since grown out of her prednisone-induced 'Buddha belly'.

She can wear her big dog collar now, and she loves all of the usual things - zoomies, tennis balls, her family, Frisbees, walkies and Kongs.
 And there was the usually chaotic family photo. We were all smiling because Dad had the really good freeze-dried tripe treats. (Mom says they sound disgusting, but we really like them!)

They are nuts, but they are my sisters.
In addition to all that excitement, I had my weekly swim at the Dog Dive.  This time, however, Mom actually got IN the pool with me. She got a little waterproof camera (and says she is still trying to figure out how to get the photos she is hoping for), and she was paddling around the pool while I went swimming and got my massage.

Mom says this is her favorite. She hasn't quite figured out how to the get the half in the water half out photos while I'm swimming, but this was only her first time with the camera. 

I'm the Loch Ness Fi!

Tucking up my hind feety-feets. 

Apparently I need to use my hind leggies more.

Now I'm using my hind leggies!

I do a lot of turns to work my hind leggies.
Motoring around the pool!

Look at those hind leggies!

More motoring, but with a tennis ball!

And some of my massage!
Mom was playing around with the settings on her little camera (it's a point-and-shoot, but it has some aperture and shutter speed settings, as well as it creates RAW files (which probably means nothing to anyone except my grandpa and my uncle Ralph) - and if Mom invests more, she can get an external flash for the camera, but she's going to play around with it, to see if she can improve the quality with what she has now).

"Hey, um, since you are right there, could you get that tennis ball for me?"
It was fun to have Mom in the pool and I am looking forward to next week!

Mom, could you get the camera out of my face? I'm getting a massage!
Heehee!  Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy and Lucy-Fur

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

More of the Same

So, nothing new here - just the same old excitement.  The youngsters continue to run around like crazy women...

They haven't quite figured out the whole bitey-face thing - they sort of mouth at each other while bouncing through the air.

Daisy continues to perfect her tail-grab....

And she may (or may not) have ended up with a little 'souvenir' from the tail grab....

The youngsters also manage to drive me nuts...

Scotty didn't save me, but a giant lizard man showed up and tried to vaporize the kids, so there's that!
However, I have been able to find a little peace when I go swimming.

I haven't *quite* worked myself up into stepping into the pool on my own, but I'm getting closer.
And I have great fun once I do get in the pool!

Of course, I do manage to look stunning in the yard, too.

And Daisy and Lucy, uh, look, well, crazy and fluffy, respectively!

Looking at those glowing eyes! I'm telling ya - she's a demon!

Lucy is sporting her new 'big dog' devilishly red collar!

Oh, yeah, and Lucy has no idea what to do with a tennis ball flying at her...

But she does know how to swat at Mom....

Have a great rest of your week!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur