Sunday, February 25, 2018

Some Snow and the Super Snooter Shooter

Mom had to go back to work this week (something about kibble not growing on trees - I mean, duh, of course it doesn't - it grows in UPS trucks - everyone knows that! But whatever...), so there are significantly fewer photos of us than there were last week.

However, we did get some more snow, which has been fun.

The youngsters have managed to lose enough frisbees in the new snow that Mom had to break out the itty-bitty frisbees (which have since been lost)...

Mom did get some new frisbees (we are going to have like 87 frisbees when the snow melts!), and Daisy clearly tried to work on product placement with the new frisbees.

Daisy, you need to look a little more hyper - you know, normal for you - if you expect to get a sponsorship.
Lucy has the hyper part down, but has the logo pointing the wrong direction...

And me? Well, as you can see, Daisy pounces on me when Mom even thinks about throwing a frisbee my direction.

To Lucy's credit, she did try looking for frisbees (or looking for something....)

But all she manages to do is come out from the snow looking silly!

Clearly something she learned from Daisy...

I tried having a chat with Lucy-Fur about not always following Daisy's lead, but I'm not sure how much she actually heard...

Yes, I might also have been sticking my tongue out at her.
Mom decided for "a little fun" she'd break out a 'Super Snooter Shooter' lens. She calls it a 'fisheye' but I know that it is designed to get ginormous snooter photos.

Personally, I don't mind the ginormous snooter photos, because I know that's how I look right before I give Mom a kiss.

"Hi Mom! It's kissey face time!" (I may or may not have put a snooter print on her lens - but she has a special cloth for that.)
Mom was so amused with the Snooter Shooter lens that she took A LOT of snooter photos of all of us.  Lucy is still trying to figure out how to sit still - Mom had the liver snacks out....

"I LOVES dehydrated liver snacks, Mom!"
And Daisy, well, Daisy just looks ridiculous, but what else is new?

Ginormous snooter!
Like I said, Mom was having fun, so we tried to humor her.

Mom calls this her 'world view' photo. I guess that's the curvature of the earth you see there.  Or something!

"Hi Mom.  You know how much I like those liver snacks you have, right?"

"It's kissey face time again!"

"Why yes, I am rather regal!"

This is my attempt to be a bobble-head.


"Hi Mom. I love getting up close and personal!"

"Okay, if you have no more liver snacks in your pocket, don't you think you have taken enough photos for now?"
 Daisy just can't help looking ridiculous.

Clearly she is not amused with these antics.


Apparently somedoggies have no sense of humor!

"Hey, Mom. Whatcha doing? Why are you making my nose look so big?"

"No, really. Why are you making my nose look so big?!?"
 Lucy is still trying to learn the fine are of posing, but she, too, has a ginormous snooter with this lens. (She actually has a pretty big snooter anyway, but with her floofy face, it's hard to tell!)

 Needless to say, this family photo was achieved with the assistance of dehydrated liver snacks!

So, there you have it. While Mom assures me that she's going to get some more 'normal' photos, I think she's having too much fun with the Super Snooter Shooter to put it away for a while.

Have a great week!

*kissey face* (scroll up if you want to see my face right up in yours, ready to give you a smooch)
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur

Monday, February 19, 2018

Snow and Stuff

So, since I last posted, Daisy went swimming again - and seems to be getting the hang of paddling around the pool...

Although it is still taking some coaxing to get her into the pool!

Where 'coaxing' means getting carried into the pool!

But once she's in, she can paddle away!

Apparently swimming wears Daisy out because she then spent a bunch of time hanging out on the stairs with Lucy-Fur.

Yeah, I don't even know what to say about this...

Lucy-Fur's 8 month birthday was on the 13th, and Mom was only a couple of days late ('within the margin of error' she says!) in getting the monthly photos...

According to the board, she can "rest after Big Girl surgicals - sort of"

Mom has been making dehydrated liver snacks, so we were all attentive!
Speaking of sort of resting after surgicals, Lucy-Fur engaged in a little unauthorized zoomies before her 1 week of bed rest was up...

But luckily the big snow held off until today - after Lucy's 1 week of bed rest was up.  And she sure took advantage of her freedom!  (She still has to wear her little suit for another week to keep the surgery site clean, but the suit clearly doesn't slow her down!)

Lucy was not the only one to enjoy snow zoomies...


There was also some frisbee time....

And I got to stand around looking all dramatical!

I think Dad was the only one who wasn't so thrilled with the snow...

Mom has to go back to the "salt mines" tomorrow, but stay tuned for more updates!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur