Thursday, July 30, 2020

Daisy's Birthday, Bitey-Face, and Other Stuff

So, for those of you who haven't been checking your calendars regularly, Daisy's birthday was last Saturday.  She's now 4 years old, so we aren't the same age any more - but for almost a month we were both 3!

Mom was a little slow on ordering Daisy's birthday cake, and with the Pioneer Day holiday weekend, Mom didn't pick up Daisy's cake until yesterday.  But since we're a little fluid about the birthday thing (even Mom and Dad don't always celebrate right on their actual birthdays sometimes), it's all good.  Besides, cake!

Yes, her cake really does say "Crazy Daisy".  Clearly has heard all about her!

But of course, before there could be cake, there had to be The Wearing of the Silly Hats.

I think Daisy is giving Mom the stinkeye...

Still looks like stinkeye to me!

Maybe that's why Daisy got the steampunk goggles - if she's giving Mom the stinkeye, Mom can't see it!

That looks like a 'give me some cake, Mom' look to me! (I know I wanted cake!)

The obligatory pose-with-the-cake photo!


Daisy and I both like the icing!

And yes, I got cake, too!  I shared my cake with Daisy, and so she shared her cake with me.  I like this birthday thing!  (And am glad I don't have to wear Silly Hats before getting cake!)

And what does one do after cake?  (And the appropriate waiting time after snacking, of course!)  Roaching in the yard.  And roaching pretty much ALWAYS turns into bitey-face.  Which is fun, too!

It's her birthday celebration; I'll let her think she's winning!

Why does she *always* think I taste like chicken? 

Life is good!

It's been a little warmer lately, so rolling around in the cool grass is a daily activity.  I think Mom has turn the anti-gravity feel into a super-gravity field....

Hey Mom, I think she's stuck to the ground. Can you do something?

And (shocker, I know!), we've been getting some bitey-face here and there.  (And everywhere, according to Mom!  Giggle*snert.)

And while I don't see the point in catching frisbees, I like running around with them!

And yeah, there have been some zoomies!

I know it looks like I'm thinking about catching a tennis ball here.  I might have been thinking about it, but my like my Mom in her early tee-ball days, I sort of close my eyes when the ball gets close!

On another note,Mom was finally able to pick up Fi's ashes yesterday, too (something with COVID-19 delayed the pickup).  Mom said something about how Fi was home again, but I had to tell Mom that Fi has been with us all this time, even if Mom can't see her.  Mom thinks it's me that wakes her up at 4am with snooter bumps, and sometimes it is, but most times it's Fi.  I think Mom really did know Fi has never left us, but she also seems to be happier to have her added to the Rainbow Bridge Table.

Have a great week, and look forward to more bitey-face, roaching, and zoomie photos, because we are in prime bitey-face, roaching, and zoomies shape!

*kissey face*
-Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy (if it says so on her birthday cake, it must be true!)

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Saint Fiona's Meet and Greet Room

Mom and Dad though the best way to honor Saint Fiona the patient was to sponsor a "Get Acquainted" room at Salt Lake County Animal Services, where she was volunteering up until the pandemic put that on hold. A get acquainted room is where prospective parents and their current pets met future family members. Today was the first time Mom has been down to Salt Lake since mid-March, and she was able to see the sign for Fi's meet and greet room, and drop off the metal print for the room and the plaque.

You can see the sign for Fi's room from the main lobby.

Mom is smiling in this photo, but with a mask it's a bit tough to tell!

This is the photo of Fi that Mom and Dad picked:

And the plaque to go with the photograph:

Thanks to everyone who donated to Salt Lake County's fund raise this spring; it's nice to know that my big sister's life and legacy will carry on!

*kissey face*
Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy