Sunday, March 19, 2017

Welcome to Mud Season!

It's Spring, so that means we are entering Mud Season (well, it has been really warm lately, so we are well into Mud Season).  Mud Season is actually not as much fun as it sounds, mostly because the remaining snow on the yard is all mushy and unpredictable, which makes snow zoomies less fun...

Halp! She's behind me and I keep sinking into the snow!

Did I mention that I keep sinking in to the snow?!?
Even the wee Bandersnatch isn't super excited about the mushy snow.  She goes into 'go slow mode' when going after frisbees...

I don't think the Bandersnatch really enjoys spring snow, either....
Our yard has been melting all week, and actually, finally, today, we had enough clear space to bitey each other again, but Mom didn't bring out the camera (something about it being 4:30pm and not having much light in the yard).   In the meantime, Mom thought she'd have some fun doing more 'black dog on black background' photos.  I like these photos because it means Mom takes Daisy upstairs to the studio and practice 'sit-stays' while I get to snooze on the couch!

Daisy does look very dramatical!


Daisy looks pretty nifty and I got to nap through the whole thing!

But on an unrelated note, for those of you who might be thinking that Daisy is getting be almost as big as me, here is a photo that CLEARLY shows that Daisy is still the Little Dog - and with luck, will remain that way!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nothing to see here - move along!

Nope, nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Okay, fine. Here's what really happened.  I was just strolling the yard, in search of early-season rabbits and lost mooses, when I noticed that Daisy had slipped and fallen in the snow. I just went over to check on her to make sure she was okay.  That was ALL that happened - I promise! I'm such a good sister!

*sigh* Okay, there might have been a wee bit more to the story than that.  But it wasn't my fault - the little devil-dog Bandersnatch came at me first!


I mean, am I just supposed to stand that while Miss Might Jaws of Doom launches herself at me teeth first?!?  I think not! I've got to show the wee beastie who's in charge!

So, it wasn't really my fault that Daisy tripped and ended up in the snow and I sort of stumbled on top of her...

Seriously. Do you see those teeth?!?  Yeah.

And on a final note, Mom finally gave up on getting a better 7 month photo of Daisy, so here's what we've got!  Mom's not super happy with it, but as you can see from my face, I wasn't super happy with the whole thing at the time, so there you have it!  (Don't worry, I forgive Mom - I just wasn't up for Yet More Photos With the Bandersnatch!)

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch