Monday, April 11, 2022

National Pet Day! (And Mom's Barkday!)

Woohoo! Today is National Pet Day AND Mom's Barkday, erm Birthday!  A coincidence?!? I think not! Well, maybe it is, but it's a happy coincidence!

Mom spent much of yesterday plying us with snacks so we would sit for a couple of photos.

You can see that we were very cooperative! 😁

Then Mom got Dad to rattle the snack bag, and we were a bit more interested!

Happy, happy birthday Mom!  And thank you for not making us wear silly hats.  (Although Daisy and I voted and we sort of thought you should wear a silly hat, but then we decided if you broke out the silly hats you'd start getting ideas about putting them on out heads!)

And yes, it's been 87 million years since we last posted.  You can see we went from having a ton of snow to no snow.... But it's supposed to snow tomorrow, so it's all good!

Happy birthday Mom!

*kissey face*

-Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy