Wednesday, May 29, 2019

It's Been a Month?!?

*sheesh*  It is really hard to find good help these days. I mean, an entire month since our last post?  Mom says she's "been busy". Something about lots of work at the Great Kibble Provider, and taking photos of doggies looking for good families, and taking photos for people who want to immortalize their doggies (and who wouldn't?), so I guess that is a moderately acceptable excuse. Of course, it also means that you now get a month of photos of us, since while Mom wasn't posting to our bloggie, at least she was still taking photos of us!

Anyhoo, this month has been crazy, weather-wise (although that's probably true everywhere).  We went from Spring in the last post, right back to Winter.  These photos were honestly, truly taken May 1st.  I think it's because that was the day Mom and Dad decided to take the snow tires off their cars. That'll teach them!

Of course, the youngsters have learned that snow is always an occasion for bitey-face.  (Well, they think ANY weather is great for bitey-face. Not that I would have argued with them when I was that age. Well, I'm not sure I was ever quite this young, but there you have it....)

We then went from Winter back to Spring pretty much overnight.

And then back to Winter again (no, really). Winter seems to make Lucy-Fur extra bouncy!

It's a shame she doesn't like the snow...
And then our snow melted and sort of came back again (this time it came back the day after we got  our furs trimmed; again, excellent timing on Mom's part!).

What month is this again?

Snowy snooter.

Big schnozz.
And then after Winter visiting us on and off, I think we got transported to Seattle, as it has been raining on and off forever. I think Mom and Dad should look at buying an Ark.... However, it has given us some dramatical skies!

Is it about to rain again, Mom?
Those were our pre-hair cut dramatical skies, and then there were post-hair cut dramatical skies.  Seriously, I think our yard is beginning to grow moldy!

Ooooh. I'm so serious and so dramatical here!

This makes me look like I'm calling up the demons of the underworld. Not necessary, as we've got Daisy, and besides, Lucy-Fur is the one who calls the demons!
It hasn't been *all* rainy days, just mostly.  But there has been some sun, too (just not enough for the lawn to dry out enough for Mom to mow the grass, so if we lose Lucy-Fur, you'll know why!).

"What is Daisy doing?" "I have no idea, Lucy-Fur - she's your sister." "Oh."

I am so not related to those two!

That blue sky wasn't even Photoshopped in - it was real!


No idea why she took her tiger outside, but I guess when you are Lucy-Fur, you can do whatever you want!
But snow or no snow, we're having fun!

Daisy, as usual, has been spazzing out when the grass appears...

And, of course, it rained this last weekend, so Mom decided to try out some seamless paper as a background. Personally, I thought the paper felt a little funny under my feet, but Mom has these awesome freeze-dried liver snacks, and I can put up with a lot for liver snacks.

The knuckle-heads are also learning how to pose. (Well, sort of. Daisy is a bit of a camera-hog.)

As for me, I'm a natural!

Mom also decided to mess around with a black background for the Black Demon Dog.

Mom has also been helping Dad; he's "getting the band back together" - or at least working on music to play with a band, if not the old band.  (Check out his music here: and his video here: . He's also on Instagram, if you do that sort of thing, and Mom has been getting photos for some posts.  Here's his Instagram link: )

Here are a few of the photos Mom has been getting for Dad.  She's clearly having fun, even if these photos don't include dogs (although I didn't know such a thing was actually possible...)

Hopefully it won't be another month before you hear from us again! Happy May, and hopefully we won't get too much more snow!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur