Sunday, September 25, 2016

In Memoriam

Mom here again.

On Thursday, we said goodbye to Abby.  She fought the good fight against cancer for almost a year and a half, and for almost all of that time, she was her usual bouncy, waggy-tailed, flying-through-the-air self. Only in the last couple of days did she show signs of how weary her fight had made her. Selfishly, I am glad she only had a few days where she really wasn't her usual self.  Even now, I don't think of her as tired from her fight with cancer, I think of her as flying through the air.

Abby always had attitude, even from her earliest puppy days, when Fi wasn't sure what to make of her.

And Abby provided her sister with years and years of bitey-face action

She was always quite the suck-up in doggie class, and had many Great Adventures with her sister and Jessi the dog trainer.

Abby was also a mostly willing supermodel for me (I say mostly willing because she wouldn't work unless I had good snacks - I can't really blame her).

She was always a happy, goofy silly girl, and we will never forget her.

Fluffica, you are always in our hearts.

Thank you all for sharing the adventure that is Abby with us!
-Dr. Liz, Gary, Fiona and Daisy

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Good and the Bad

Mom here.

The bad news first; Abby's cancer has spread to her spleen and if it hasn't already spread further, likely will. Her appetite is off, and it looks like her time with us may be shorter than we expected. However, her tail continues to wag, and for now, she continues to enjoy her tennis ball time.

Because of the bad news about Abby, our search for a companion dog for Fi (and for us) had to get kicked into high gear. After discovering that there were no dogs that met out needs (I am mildly allergic to dogs) and Fi's personality at local shelters and rescues, we checked with a local breeder. As luck would have it, she had one 8 week old female Goldendoodle.  A black Goldendoodle, actually.

Accepting that we were probably certifiable, we took the leap, and have now added little Daisy to our family.  Fi and Abby both did the sniff test when we first got home, and Abby was wagging her tail, and Fi is rather intrigued with her littlest sister.


Fi examining her littlest sister, and her littlest sister examining her!

It's been a tiring first evening for Daisy!
Stayed tuned for more news on all fronts!

-Dr. Liz, on behalf of Fi, Abby, and Daisy, all of whom are totally conked out!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Quick Update

Hi Everybody!  Just a quick update, as we want to get some lap time with Mom, and it's tough to share her lap with her laptop.

We are alive and generally doing well.  Abby has started to become really picky about what she is eating (which means a lot of leftovers for me!), so Mom has been going a bit crazy trying to find things that Abby is actually willing to eat, but she's still bouncing around the yard, so all is good.

Of course, even with eating all of Abby's leftovers, I, too am able to zoom around the yard!

We have also been doing some of the obligatory posing - it keeps Mom happy...

And there have been a few funny tennis ball faces, too!

Have a great week, and I'll keep working on Abby to eat her regular dinner and not demand dormice in honey**, or something equally obscure!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

**Mom has been reading mysteries set in ancient Rome again - which is where the whole dormice thing comes from....