Thursday, October 14, 2021

We're Back!

Yes, it's true.  Mom hasn't updated our bloggie in like 87 months.  Something about 'another photo project' (which she hasn't updated lately either... apparently something to do with her 'day job').  Anyhoo, since Mom has decided that Daisy would make an excellent Pet Mayor I told her she'd better update out bloggie so people could get to know the real Daisy-cakes.

Daisy and I have been enjoying the snow as of late.

Morning walkies in the snow.

"Hi Mom. Do you have snacks?"

I love to spring around in the snow!

Daisy's contemplative face. Very mayoral, don't you think?

The anti-gravity field needs to be cranked up a bit!

Snow zoomies!

We also have been enjoying the age-old tradition of bitey-face in snow!  (We love each other - we just enjoy some spirited fun!  And no one ever gets hurt - it's all in good fun!)

So, we're back! Happy October everyone!


-Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy