Monday, April 27, 2015

We're Still Alive and Well!

Although you wouldn't know it from the frequency of bloggie updates.... Blame Mom for this; when she's not taking pictures of homeless doggies (which is a good thing and a totally acceptable excuse for not helping us update our bloggie), she's taking pictures of other doggies for money, or trying to build her business. Occasionally she'll update her own photo blog, usually with photos of us, so you could always check that out, too.

Here's Mom photographing a homeless doggie (who, from what Mom says, has already been adopted, so technically she's a formerly homeless doggie):

Pretty amazing snooter art on that window, huh?
So, Mom sort of has a good excuse for not updating our bloggie, but since we are currently sitting on her until she does (and I mean 'sitting on her' literally - Mom is our personal futon), we finally have  chance to get some pictures of US posted!  

April has been a crazy month, with very warm weather, and snow.  And being all-weather Doodles, we have enjoyed everything Mother Nature has thrown at us!


Oh yeah!  April snow!!!

And warm weather zoomies!

And someone felt the need to do a little roaching...

There has also been much Doodle ballet.

With the advent of spring, we've also had several visits from our moosie friends.

And would Mom let us go play with any of our moosie friends?  Of course not!  Mom was being a big meanie and told us we could play with our friends because our friends always leave a mess in the yard.  Talk about Mom being a total kill-joy!

Anyway, we are alive and having a great time!  We hope everyone is having a great spring!  (Or fall, for those of our friends south of the equator!)

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus