Monday, April 29, 2019

Spring Has Sprung!

If you recall from the last post, our backyard was covered in snow. Well, in the intervening two weeks, Spring has sprung, and our snow is pretty much gone. We've had some warm days, and some colder days, but I think the big snows are behind us. 

Which means the youngsters have been enjoying Mud Season! I think Mud Season is a season best enjoyed by the young. Personally, I don't like feeling of mud between my tootsies anymore.  Lucy-Fur loves the mud - probably because is stands out so well on her furs!

Apparently Mud Season is also the Official Start of Spring Bitey-Face Training.

I'm not sure how this both-feet-off-the-ground thing works, but as long as they aren't going after me, it's all good, I guess.

Maybe Lucy-Fur just likes levitating.

Or being smooshed on the ground...

And this, I think, is to just avoid having a dental exam at her next vet visit!

But lest you think that while the youngsters are running around in the mud, I am just sitting on the couch. (Well, I do that, too, but not just that...)  We've been going on lots of walkies with Mom and Dad.

And I've been doing lots of swimming! This last Friday there was a thunderstorm during my swimming session (I'm not a big fan of thunderstorms - I didn't mind them when I was a wee pup, but now I'm not so keen on them) but because Angela kept throwing the tennis ball, I just kept swimming!  (I did try to dig a hole in the carpet later that evening when we had another thunderstorm, but that's another story!)

"Hi, Angela!"

Coming in for massage!

Ahhh! Massage!

Underwater form!

Out for another lap!

Time for more massage!

Lookit those feety-feeties working away!

Coming in for another break!

"Throw the ball already!"

And... more massage time!

Just swimming along with my tennis ball!

Guess what? More massage time!

And... More swimming!

I'm such a super swimmer that I create a wake!

And out again!
Yep! I love my swimming sessions!  And you know what? Now that the snow is gone (I don't like the mushy snow when you don't know if you are stepping on firm ground or sinking into deep mushy snow), I have the bouncies! I'm getting nice and strong from the swimming, and so today once Mom get the Crazy Youngsters inside, she and I went out again for some one-on-one tennis ball time.

The youngsters wouldn't be able to catch a ball if it fell into their mouths (well, that's probably the ONLY way Daisy could catch a ball), but I've still got it!

Nice throw, Mom!


I'm limber enough to even go after Mom's terrible throws!

Oh yeah!!!

We are loving spring!

Goofball 1

Goofball 2

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur