Thursday, August 24, 2017

Puppy Crazies

Every evening Lucy gets some time outside by herself - partially so she gets a break from Daisy, and partially so she can get some uninterrupted zoomie time.  Lucy makes great use of this time.

My moose friends* didn't take the Hol-ee roller when they left, so Lucy could still play with the ball.

She also has frisbee funballs times!

Lucy is also learning the fine art of posing... Or staying still long enough for Mom to get a photo...

*For those of you who didn't see my moose friends, here they are.  I invited them over for a tea party, but then it started to rain and I don't really like being out in the rain.  Momma moose was a tad miffed with me, but baby moose liked Lucy's Hol-ee Roller ball!

Baby seemed to really like the Hol-ee Roller!

I really must reschedule the tea party!
More later!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

How Lucy Amuses Herself

And how Mom amuses herself watching Lucy amuse herself...   When Lucy is out in the yard alone (that is, without Crazy Daisy and my humble self) she likes to drop balls (or have the tossed) at the top of the steep part of the hill in the yard and chase them down. She'll then carry the ball to the top of the hill and start all over again. Well, when she doesn't take the ball in her mouth and roll down the hill...

Anyway, Mom was amusing herself - and being amused this morning with Lucy-fur.

Stayed tuned for more photos!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-fur

Saturday, August 19, 2017

It's Been a While...

I mean, it's been like at least a few days since there have been photos of Lucy. Mom has been giving some lame excuses about being busy at work, and being tired from getting up multiple times a night with Lucy and stuff like that.

So, what have we been up to?

Well, we have been doing a lot of hiking.  Well, some of us have been doing a lot of hiking and some of us have been doing some hiking and some riding.... 

I have been doing some posing...

Daisy has been doing some, uh, whatever it is that she call it... Certainly not catching frisbees!

And Lucy.  Well, truthfully, I am still trying to stay out of Lucy's way. Puppy cooties are real! I don't want to put myself at risk... (Heehee. Honestly, those little puppy teeth terrify me!)

Being a puppy, Lucy likes to play. She like to play with balls... Her latest form of entertainment is chasing them as they roll down the hill...

"Look Ma! I'm flying!"

"Yep, I'm cute!"

Lucy also likes sliding down the hill after the ball...

And she actually retrieves the ball (unlike some doggies whose names rhyme with Crazy and only half retrieve...)

And she zooms around with a tennis ball!
Don't ask me what she's doing here. Apparently rolling around in the grass with a tennis ball is a new fad - all the kids seem to be doing it!

Lucy also likes frisbees!

And Lucy likes looking all dramatical and cute with her tennis ball!

BTW, for those of you who are curious, Lucy is in a teeny-tiny Ruffwear harness.  She is still on a leash all the time, and Mom didn't want the least to tug on Lucy's neck when, say, Daisy steps on the leash, for instance. It also has a ring in the front so she can learn how to 'walk appropriately' on a leash. And, she looks quite stylish in it!

Stay tuned for more photos!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

But the size of the stick should probably be relative to your size...  Which brings me to Life Lessons From Lucy! (Keep in mind that she's only 9 weeks old, so take the whole "life lessons" thing with a grain of salt!)

And if you don't have a stick at hand, a hose can work....

Of course, some times you just have to let the crazy out...

Have a great day!

*kissey face*
-Fiona, Crazy Daisy and Lucy-Fur

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hitting the Trails with Lucy

Because yes, Mom took Even More Photos today when we all went hiking.

As you can see, the trail goes in and out of the trees - so there are photos of Lucy in all lighting!

Mom was also excited that Lucy made it to the bench on the trail, so she could get some photos of her on bench.

Well, Lucy sort of made it to the bench.  There was a little Daddy-assisted travel involved...

But, she made it to the bench before she got in the Puppy Sack, so Mom was able to get the photos she wanted.

I'm supposed to do what? Oh, look at Mom?

Hi Mom!
Another beautiful day in the mountains!

*kissey face*
-Fiona, Crazy Daisy and Lucy-Fur