Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Funballs Times

Fall may be here, but nothing much has changed here.  

The youngsters are still, well, crazy...

Where did she get those teeth?!?

Seriously, I think Lucy-Fur is going to be an orthodontist's dream!

Even Daisy is a little concerned about those teeth.  Which is saying something!

I think those teeth are fake! (Okay, I hope they are fake!)

The name tags say it all!

Um, yeah. I was never that young!
And Crazy is, well, just plain crazy!
I, on the other hand, am completely civilized!

"Look into my eyes... You want to give me salmon snacks...."
And I would actually pose with my sisters, if all of them got the memo....

*sigh* The youth of today...
Speaking of the youth of today, a certain black dog got it in her mind to chase me. Seriously. Chase me? 

"Hey! This is why you have your own puppy! Don't harass me!"
I guess it's okay. I mean, Daisy has to have something she can actually hope to catch...

She's got enthusiasm, I'll give her that.

And you would think she might have a hope of catching it...

But no....
At least Daisy tries. Lucy doesn't even try to catch the frisbee. She just picks it up off the ground and runs around with it.  Where did I go wrong with these two?

You would think she actually knew what she was doing with a frisbee... She doesn't...

At least they get some things right!
Lucy-Fur does keep Daisy occupied most of the time, though, so I can't really complain too much...

Lucy-Fur, if you break your sister, you don't get another one! (Don't worry - Daisy was just being a doofus!)
At least I have my sister-free swimming time!

Just like a shark, gliding through the water! (Well, as shark who wears a life vest and a neck floatie!)

Say cheese! (Mmmmm. Cheese!)

Private tennis ball time!

"Hi Mom! Watch out! Coming through!"

Angela had just put more peroxide in the water (she doesn't use chlorine), so there were lots of bubbles!


Mom says she's learned how to get rid of the waterspots on the lens, so we'll see how she does this Friday!

Did I mention the bubbles?

And the tennis balls?

Lookit me swimming in circles!

More fun with refraction!

And perfect form!

And bubbles!

And here I am, being all artistic-like - an anemone-like tail, bubbles, and kicky-feet!
Yep! I love my swimming time!

I'll leave you with our smiling faces!

Okay, I might be smirking!

Daisy might be a little worried. If Lucy-Fur was my sister, I might be worried, too! (I am only remotely related to these two...)

And, Fluffer-Nutter-Butter.
Have a great rest of the week!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur

Monday, September 10, 2018

The More Things Change....

The more they stay the same....

Mom says this photo is oddly reminiscent of another photo, taken quite a few years ago...
7.5 years ago, actually. I say there are no similarities, but Mom points out that this is probably the same frisbee (or one of them)....
If only Daisy would learn to catch a Frisbee....

You might almost think she's going to get it from this photo...

But no.... However, as Dennis' Dada pointed out, maybe the Demon Dog is summoning the Frisbee using her demonic powers..... I think Dennis' Dada is on to something.
But Lucy-Fur, my dear little (okay, not so little, as you now weight more than I do...) sister. For the love of Dog, do NOT study Daisy's technique...

Oy. What is the youth of today coming to?!?

At least there is some hope for these kids....

Mom says this, too, is somewhat reminiscent of me in my younger days.  Personally, I think Abby and I had better technique, but these kids are young....

I think we were doing the Cha-cha-cha here.... Or maybe the Boogaloo - it's a little hard to tell....
Clearly Mom is having fun looking at old photos - and I guess with the leaves changing around here (and Dad ordering new snow tires for Mom), Mom is already thinking of snow!

At least the kids are learning how to appropriately show sisterly love for one another (while also boldly splitting infinitives....).

I'm very proud of them - I think they're getting this part of things down, either if neither of them can catch a Frisbee....

Mom does say the displays of sisterly love remind her of "the old days" (does that mean she thinks I'm old? Naw....).

Pay attention, youngsters - Mom might get your photos more in focus than she did when I was a kid, but that doesn't take away from my ferocity!
I actually don't catch Frisbees as often as I used to - mostly because when I'm out with the youngsters I'm worried that I'm going to get tackled by the wee beasties.  But I'll make sure Mom gets some photos of when she and I go out without the youngsters.  In the mean time, here are more of my swimming funballs times!

Angela keeps having swim in circles to work my hind leggies - you'll see lots of photos of me working my hind leggies!


Yet another turn!

Lookit those leggies!

Hi Mom!

Coming in for a landing!

And back out again!
 But I do love the massage!

Wow! What big leggies I have! All those circles must be paying off!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur