Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Hello World!

Um, hello?

*tap *tap

Is this thing on?!?

Oh hi! Now you can see me, right?

Hi, so, um, I'm Lucy-Fur, also known as Fluffica, Jr. (I don't quite get that one, but Mom says I'm a lot like my big sister Abby, complete with being a 'big boned gal' - I don't think I get that, either),  Fluffer-Nutter-Butterball (hey... Mom, I don't think that's super complimentary...), and The Cute Fluffy One.

First, thanks so much for all the nice things everyone said about my big sister Fiona.  I think Daisy always scared Fi a bit (I don't know why...)

But Fi and I were always buddies, even when I was a wee puppy!

She taught me the fine art of sucking up for snacks!
Fi shared many of her secrets with me, so now I'm working on my psychological edge with Daisy.

Of course, Daisy is my hero, too. She is my actual big sister (we have the same doggie parents, as well as the same human parents!), and I can't help but look up to her!

Of course, I was short then, and couldn't help but look up to her, but now we are equals (although I've got a size advantage!)

Mom keeps saying we are "such sisters".   She might be on to something there!

Synchronized Doodle Ebullience!
Like any little sister, I want to be just like Daisy - which Mom says is a bit scary - I don't know why she says that!

Nothing scary here - just virtual dental exams!
I totally have the size advantage! "Big boned?" Whatever.

So! On with the show!

We got snow last weekend! Snow! Snow is awesome stuff!  Because there's no zoomies like snow zoomies!

And there's no bitey-face like snow bitey-face!

Needless to say, Daisy is as much of a fan of snow as I am!

Of course, the snow didn't last very long, and so now we are back to our non-snow zoomies and bitey-face!  And with all this social distancing stuff, I think this also counts as our tele-vet dental exams!

So, we happily carry on the bitey-face tradition laid down by our ancestors!

And when we are not bitey-ing each other, I'm protecting the stairs against, um, Vandals and Visigoths!


*kissey face* (that was sort of Fi's thing, but I like it!)
-Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy