Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Night Smackdown**

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!

But before we start, I'd like you to note how, in this first picture, my sister and I are clearly different colors:

This is important, trust me. Hold that thought while I make sure my little sister knows her place. Heehee.

Hmm. I'm not really sure whose head is whose in that last picture...

You see how my sister is being dragged through the dirt there? Hold that thought in your mind...

And do you see the dust we are kicking up in that last picture? Hold that thought, too.

Okay, so after several rounds of me showing my sister who's boss, we both got brushed down (because of the aforementioned dust), and came inside.

And then Mom noticed this:

After rolling around in the dust, my little blonde sister is Not Blonde Any More!!! Seriously. We are both the same color right now. That is Abby in that picture - you can tell from the collar. Dad had a guitar lesson tonight so giving Abby a bath wasn't in the cards, but Mom and Dad figured that if she stayed the same color after being vigorously brushed (and she was), she probably wasn't going to get the house too much dustier than it already is.

But it also means that we get to go swimming tomorrow!!!

In the meantime, I'm going to look around for Rod Serling, because it's a little creepy to have my sister looking like a bigger-boned version of my Most Attractive red-haired self.

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the (temporarily red) Hippobottomus

**Okay, this actually took place during the day, but that just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pocatato and stuff

Wow. I've been, like, totally busy! We were up in Pocatato this last weekend for 'OctoberFast' - a big race between the Utah and Idaho regions; it's always a big rivalry. And usually, the weather is awful. When Mom and Dad first went up there 3 years ago, it snowed. Seriously. Mom was Very Happy that she was driving a MINI - because they have great seat heaters!!!! :-D

This year, however, the weather was spectacular! Cool at night, and nice and warm during the day. And the drive up in the House With Wheels was pretty.

Clearly, Abby and I were Most Interested in the scenery.

Mom's attempt at an aerial photograph....

I was interested in their music selection (some blues channel - I heartily approve):

We were towing the trailer, so we were 64.5 feet of rolling death (as Dad likes to say).

Pretty cool, huh?

Anyhoo, as usual, Mom and Dad didn't get any pictures of themselves driving because they were driving together and too busy to get any pictures. But here are a couple of pictures to give you the feel for things...

Uncle Charlie in the Miata

But Mom did manage to get a few pictures of us (for a change...).

Here's Abby thinking she's a lap dog (and Dad totally laughing at the idea):

And here's me and Abby thinking that Mom would be Much More Interested in a front-row seat for a round of bitey-face than in reading her book.


Oh, and Mom did manage to take both of us on walkies at the same time (and lived to tell the tale, I might add!):

So it was a fun weekend!

And when we got home, we discovered that the roof is Almost Done...

And now that we are back home, Abby and I are right back into the routine!

And now that we are back, we are back to our walkies and bitey-face-ing, so life is good!

BTW, I would really like to thank Mango for re-starting the voting for the 'I Wanna Be Like Mango' contest due to a clerical error - he's super cool! (Which is all the more reason why I wanna be like Mango!)

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Wanna Be Like Mango Contest Entry

First, let me just say that I had Much Grander Ideas for this entry, but Mom interfered. Seriously so, in fact. See, Mom and Dad have Yet Another Car race in Pocatato (Pocatello? I dunno, it's in Idaho, so Pocatato sounds better to me), and earlier this week they had the House With Wheels in to a big "we fix semi-trucks" place for a re-alignment (Do motorhomes have chakras? And how do you get something that big to do yoga? Many mysteries here...) and new front tires. And THEN Dad had to go pick up the trailer with the car in it and get it "staged" (first yoga, now acting - is there nothing this HWW cannot do?) So today Mom had to drive around like a crazy woman to do all sorts of errands to get the House With Wheels ready for this trip. Which translated into "No Hike" for me and Abby. And since the roofers are Still Not Done (silly people didn't want to work in the middle of a thunderstorm yesterday; go figure!) we would have been stuck in the house (without wheels) with Dad and the roofers going crazy.

Mom decided that she would feel guilty for leaving us alone with Dad all day, so went went to "doggie day care". Seriously. Day care. BUT... More on that later (because, apparently, we'll be going back at some point). The point of all of this is that Mom was so busy getting ready for Pocatato that she hasn't had the time to fully devote her time to my "I Wanna Be Like Mango" entry. So... Here is a half-baked entry. Hey... Maybe having an assistant who doesn't come through all the time makes me Even More like Mango... Cool! *ahem*

Well, for starters, duh. I mean, who wouldn't want to be like Mango? He's got his own estate, his own vehicle, a specially built (and no doubt heavily reinforced) observation deck, and car cookies. This guy lives like a rockstar!

I think the rules say something about how we are supposed to tap into our inner-Mango-ness and display for the whole world to see. As much as I want to be like Mango, I'm not sure how much Mango-ness I really have. But since he's donating money to doggie medical research for each entry submitted, I have to put something together, so here goes.

First. Wow. Talk about big shoes paws to fill. I mean, it would take something like four of me to make one Mango. Maybe.

And I’m not sure how comfortable the House With Wheels would be with four of me. And Abby. It would certainly be cozy. And Mom and Dad would have to sleep on the front steps.


As we all know, Mango is a deep, multi-faceted kind of guy, and while there is No Way that I could possibly be anything more than a pale imitation of the Big Guy Himself, I like to flatter myself in thinking that we share some traits. Other than the slobbering. Mom is a bit squeamish when it comes to serious slobbering, so I think we're all happy that I don't share Mango's ability to produce a wee bit of slobber...

Moving on...

Fr’instance. I am Most Patriotic (even if I don’t get nifty hats like Mango does).

And I am deeply contemplative at times.

Can't you see the Deep Thoughts being thunk there?

I don't jump over agility thingys (blame Mom for that), but I am still Quite Athletic. In fact, I even won an award in Mango-minster 2010 for being all sporty-like!

And I am continuing my Doggie Studies But somehow Mom has managed to not get any recent pictures of me in school. So here’s a picture of Abby. Just pretend that blonde lunker is really my petite red-headed-and-much-better-behaved self, okay?

I like going for rides in the House With Wheels (which Mom has agreed to re-name the Fiona-mobile for the purposes of this post).

And I like riding in the Box With Wheels, too (which will be referred to as the Lesser Fiona-mobile for the duration of this post).

But I think more than anything, I have a most excellent relationship with my younger sibling, just like Mango has with PeeWee.

Sometimes we aren't bitey-ing each other; like times when foodables are involved...

And most importantly of all, like Mango, I am Most Magnificent Looking!

See, just like Mango:

Except for the jowls... ;-)

Truthfully, in looking back over this post, I'm not sure how much like Mango I really am; I mean it is sort of hard to put aside the weight differences, the gender differences, and the slobbering differences. However, if I recall, the contest is titled "I Wanna Be Like Mango". And I SO want to be like Mango; he's got The Life. Well, except for his Dog Cave being turned into a Barbie Dream House. I could pass on that part. But ignoring that, I wanna a rockstar like Mango!!!

And with that, I am off to take a nap; we have a big adventure ahead of us tomorrow, and I must prepare myself.

*kissey face*
-Fiona (the Mango-wanna-be) and Abby the Hippobottomus

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tongues R Us

In celebration of National Dog Week, Twinkie is holding a tongue contest. We're supposed to show everyone our tongues. Since we are still scrambling for Mango's contest we figured we'd better get our entries for something in. So, tongues it is.

(After the 'we are nekkid' post, I can only imagine what sort of google searches we are going to get with all these tongues...)

First, I sorted through some pictures of Abby:

This is sort of a cheater picture because puppy pictures are just Not Fair because of their inherent cuteness. So while you can ooh and aaah over Abby the wittle bitty puppy, I am SO not entering that picture.

So my next choice was this one:

But it seemed sort of boring. So next I thought about one of her goofy-sporty looks.

Then there was just the goofy look.

But when it came down to it, none of those pictures really grabbed me. So, even though it is not the best tongue shot, I thought this one was the most appropriate submission for Abby:

Heehee. It's my bloggie. I can enter goofy pictures of my sister if I so choose. And I so choose. Neener, neener.

Now, on to me.

Not surprisingly, I have a lot of "sporty" tongue pictures:

And I even considered a synchronized tongue picture with my sister, because I can sometimes share the limelight with my sister...

But when it came down to it, I knew which picture I HAD to submit:

I LOVE this picture!!!!

So, Twink, to make life easy (since good secretaries are hard to come by and we don't want to unnecessarily tax your secretary), here are our entries:

Me (Fiona, for your secretary):


Oh. And we have an honorary submission; I don't know if Twinkie made it clear specified whether entries could come from across the Bridge or not, but we'll assume not. But Mom loves this picture so much that it seemed appropriate to put it in this post.

Keep those tongue wagging!!!!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

PeeEss: No Cheez Whiz was used in the making of this post!