Friday, October 30, 2009

Of Haircuts and Snowsuits and Things

Mom’s been “busy.” Again. Some of her being “busy” seems to involve having a whole bunch of screens open on her computer and her doing a lot of tapping on the computer. And she calls that work? Uh-huh. Work. And then she’s been helping Dad with his work (well, she says she’s been helping Dad – I’m not sure how she can actually help Dad, since his work seems to consist of him tapping on the computer and talking on the phone).

She’s also been busy with starting to get us packed to take the House With Wheels to southern Utah (outside of St. George). Mom and Dad have pushed the departure date back to Monday, because while it has stopped snowing, it has gotten Really Cold. (And Mom got me a haircut. But more about that.) And it is cold in central Utah, too, and the roads (I-15, specifically) can get icy, and Mom and Dad don’t want to have to worry about the House With Wheels on icy roads. And it gives Mom more time to pack, because she’s been busy with this Other Stuff.

Other Stuff including getting TaiChi and Bufus into the vet, to make sure they are doing okay. Being old and all, Mom says they have to go in more often than me. The good news is that Mr. Bufus has medicine that seems to keep him from tossing his cookies when we are driving. Which makes Mom happy, as she’s the one who has to clean up, because Dad is the one driving.

Mr. Bufus, sleeping on Dad's head, and NOT tossing his cookies.

Mom has also started work on Christmas presents for people, so she’s been busy with that, too. But at least she can do that while spending quality time with me at the same time. So I guess I’ll let her do that.

Anyhoo, back to the hair cuts…. Yeah. Um. It’s like 3 degrees out (Note from Fi’s Mom: it’s in the low 20s at night and 30s during the day, so methinks you are exaggerating just a tad) and Mom decides that NOW is the time to cut my hair. By a professional, thankfully! (Note the second from Fi’s Mom: we are going to warmer climes in a couple of days, and I plan on taking you hiking, my dearest Fi-ster, and if I kept you with long hair, you’d get HOT. And you don’t like being hot. So just trust me on this kiddo.) AND. And, TaiChi didn’t have to get a haircut. She got her face and feet cleaned up, but HER hair stayed the same length. (Note the third: TaiChi doesn’t go hiking like you, and she’s got thin hair. And she’s OLD. She gets cold easily.)

Yeah, whatever. All I know is that TaiChi looks like she's got a snow suit on, while I look like I'm ready to be conscripted into the Marines.


Seriously. Is that FAIR? Yeah, I thought not. But I guess I can't complain TOO much; at least I didn't get dressed up as a squirrel (or anything else, for that matter) for Halloween!!

Let's look at this again.

Pretty old lady modeling her snowsuit.

Me? High and tight. At least they left my ears at a respectable length. Private Fiona reporting for duty, sir!

*ahem. At least Mom takes me to a good groomer, and doesn't attempt to do this herself.

Oh, and you know what else Mom has been slacking on? Basil, the usually white standard poodle that the groomers have, and who hangs out at the shop pretty much every day, had been colored pink, and had been shaved in a really cool spiral look. Basil didn’t mind (we talked, and he told me); actually, he kind of liked it, because his parents colored him that way for a photo shoot, and he liked being the center of attention for the photo shoot. And actually, he looks quite handsome in a punk rocker sort of way. So Mom has to stop by get a picture of him, too.

So, since Mom’s been slacking, I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of late-night snow zoomies that I did a couple of nights ago when it was snowing. Now it's melting and muddy. Which is fun too, but these are sort of cool pictures.

Note my military-issue laser eyes!

These laser eyes are seriously cool!

Oh, and Mom wants to say something…

Thanks, Fi! I just want to throw out a huge thank you to my wonderful friend Vuboq for the AMAZING pottery that he sent me. But, being the slacker that I am, I haven’t taken any pictures yet; I actually want to wait until daylight to get the pictures so the flash doesn’t make the glazing look funny. But THANKS!!! Really amazing pieces! This guy is an artist!

*kissey face*
-Fiona, Private First Class

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a Weekend Finale!!!

OMD!!!! What a fun weekend!

Mom and Dad had the Season Finale races for their car racing. Dad has always wanted to set a course, so he volunteered himself, Mom, and Uncle Charlie to “chair” the event. What that means is that they are responsible to get the stuff to the venue, make sure that there are people to do the “core jobs” (registration, tech inspection, safety, set up and timing), and they set the courses. There are a bunch of core workers in our region, so it wasn’t like Mom and Dad had to work hard to get the jobs filled, but they were very lucky to have a guy do the work of bringing out the truck (that carries all the cones) and the trailer (that has all the other stuff that you need to run a race, like a computer, and timing lights, etc., etc.).

Because Mom and Dad (really, mostly Dad – Mom just sort of assisted on occasion) were supposed to set the course, we got out early Friday afternoon, and met up with Uncle Charlie and this other guy, Kyle, who was bringing out the truck and trailer. Which meant that the House With Wheels had a primo parking spot.

Sort of. The first day they raced on a lot that had a building separating the House With Wheels’ parking lot from the racing, so I didn’t get to watch live action racing teevee. I had to watch NCIS, and harass TaiChi, instead…

Oh. And yes, the Starship Enterprise – as Mom and Dad call the House With Wheels - has its license plate. Mom says NCC-1701 was already taken. Whatever that means. I mean, they get a little weird with this whole “Starship Enterprise” thing. Mom keeps calling Dad “Mister Sulu” – which is NOTHING like Dad’s name, and when we are climbing up steep hills (I-80 has a section that is probably an 8% grade, by my practiced eye) she used a fake Scottish accent and keeps saying “I canna give ye’ more power, Captain, the dilithium crystals are going to blow!”. And then, when we hit the part of the road where the speed limit is 75 mph, she tells Dad, “Warp 7, Mister Sulu”. I seriously think Mom is losing it, because I have No Idea what she is talking about. I’m beginning to feel like Dennis!

Anyway, Mom and Dad and Uncle Charlie and Kyle spent the evening setting the course until the sun set. And then I got to spend quality time with Dad.

Including ear scratchies!

TaiChi pretty much napped.

Oh, and Mr. Bufus?!? Mom got some medicine from the vet that was supposed to stop him throwing up while we were driving, and it seems to have worked. At least for the hour drive out there (and back again). I think he was quite happy about not losing his lunch.

And I didn’t get any pictures on Saturday because Mom and Dad were really busy, and I have a tough time using the camera, what with the complete lack of opposable thumbs and all. Even though it rained at one point in the day, Mom and Dad seemed to have a really good time, and it sounded like they both drove really well. But they had worked really hard, and they didn’t sleep very well Friday night (it was warm in the House With Wheels, but when the opened the window it was Very Cold on Mom’s head), so TaiChi and Bufus and I were restless all night, and we kept Mom and Dad up. So, on Saturday night they were both Very Tired, and went to bed Very Early.

They were racing on a different lot (in the same complex) on Sunday, but we didn’t move the House With Wheels Saturday night because there was a “drifting” event Saturday night and a bunch of the contestants were parked right where the House With Wheels was supposed to go. And if you don’t know what drifting is, go watch Fast and Furious. Or, actually, if you don’t know what drifting is, it’s probably just as well! ;-) So, we stayed in our same place. And everybody slept really well, because we kept the window open and Mom just slept in a knit hat! (And I cuddled up next to her to keep her warm!)

So we got up Really Early on Sunday so we could “pull in” the House With Wheels to move to the new lot in time for Dad and Uncle Charlie and Kyle to set the Sunday course.

Dad, working hard!

Our parking place on Sunday was Much Better because I had a front row seat, and had live action racing on my teevee!

Mom didn't get a picture of the view out my window, but this is close:

And TaiChi slept a lot (like usual).

She did decide, however, that she wanted to race, so Mom got her classed and a number. PSL = Poodle Stock Ladies – since she is pure poodle, she is “stock”, and well, she’s a she, hence the Ladies’ Class. And she’s #18, because, well, she’s 18! Heehee! And yes, she won her class. She wasn’t very fast, but she was the only PSL out there, so she won!!!

After Dad set the course again in the morning, and they raced the Big Yellow Car. And apparently Mom and Dad both did REALLY well, because they just looked at the results and were congratulating each other. But, of course, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of them racing, because, well, a) I don’t have opposable thumbs to work the camera, and b) I’m not allowed outside the House With Wheels without Mom or Dad. So maybe someone else got some pictures. If so, I’ll post them, because Mom and Dad had “break through” days this weekend. And I like posting pictures of the Big Yellow Car!

And while I LOVED being out in the House With Wheels, I also loved being home!

Zoom-zoom! Heehee!

Especially since I know that we are going to go live in the House With Wheels for a month, starting in about a week!!!!

*whew* With all that excitement, I’m tired. Sleepy time! I'll catch up on bloggies tomorrow!

*kissey face*


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of Races and Road Trips and Things!

Yipppeeee!!!! Road Trip this weekend! The final races of the weekend are this weekend; it is a two-day event out at Miller Motorsports Park (where we have raced a bunch this summer), and Dad volunteered himself, Uncle Charlie and Mom to "chair" (i.e. be the responsible people) both days, so we are going to go out tomorrow afternoon, and will be there through Sunday afternoon. Mom and Dad are going to be pretty busy, as there aren't a lot of people registered, and there are a lot of things to do. But.... they will be setting the course - which means that Uncle Charlie will set a course that is favorable to the Big Yellow Car. (Some courses are a bit tight, or have hairpin turns - which are better suited for cars like the Lotus Elise, which is basically a go-cart.... The Big Yellow Car tends to like a little open and a little faster. We'll see what Dad and Uncle Charlie can do to make the courses Big Yellow Car-friendly!)

Mom is busy packing the House With Wheels (also known as the Starship Enterprise, because Mom Is A NERD!!!), so she has been Very Slow in helping me catch up on bloggies. *sigh*

And not only do we have a Road Trip this weekend, but.... The House With Wheels doesn't like snow, so it is going to go to warmer climates for the winter. And since November is typically a grey, cold, icky month where there isn't enough snow to ski (whatever that is) or go snowshoeing (something Mom says we are going to do this winter - I don't know what it is, but it involves me, and snow, so it can't be bad, right?),or go diving in and out of snow drifts. Sooo.... Mom and Dad (and, of course, TaiChi, Bufus and I) are going to take the House With Wheels to St. George, UT for November, and then we will come back to Park City for the winter, and the House With Wheels will live in southern Utah for the winter.

So unlike last year, where we spent all winter in Arizona, we will only spend a month in the fall, and a month in the spring in warm weather. We are doing this because Mom and Dad are going to ski race this year; Dad is in a new age group, and will be a "youngster" again (compared to the other people in his class), and he wants to take advantage of that. Again, whatever all of that means. I'm not entirely sure I even know what this ski racing thing is, but I have a feeling that it DOESN'T involve me. So I'm not sure why they would want to do this. But, as I am learning, these bipeds are a bit strange in general, and Mom and Dad are quite strange!

Technically, we aren't going to St. George, says Mom. We were supposed to go to the place where we stayed overnight on the way to Arizona, but apparently they have a weight restriction for dog, for people who are staying for a month. Seriously. For monthly renters, they only allow dogs to be 15lbs. 15 pounds?!? Sheesh. Bufus weighs more than that, and he's a cat! But, (and this is where it gets REALLY weird) the owners were perfectly happy to let Mom and Dad pay the weekly rate (which works out to be almost twice as much as the monthly rate), and then my weight would be a non-issue.*


Yeah. That's what I thought, too.

So, Mom decided to look around and see if there was some place else that could accommodate our big House With Wheels (we are 42 feet long - some places can't handle coaches that big), and would be nice, and would give Mom and Dad lots of places to go bye-sickle-ing, and places for me to go hiking/walking. And found this place: Zion River Resort . They were perfectly happy to have me (and really, who would be? Oh yeah.... The morons at Temple View RV Park in St. George), and had space. Mom said they sounded really nice, so we'll be there for November. And we'll be close to Zion National Park. Which would be more exciting if they let dogs in, but they don't.... Well, they do, on one trail, so we'll see... Still there are a bunch of other state parks near by where Mom says we can go hiking. So, I'm good with all of this!

And since Mom has been slacking on the flashy box, as well, I'll leave you with some pictures of me from the end of season autocross race last year. I was a wee pup then - and my inherent cuteness earned me a free steak (that I shared with my siblings) from the BBQ! I'm going to work on my cute face to see if I can get another steak this year!

Last year the weather started off pretty icky, and well, the Big Yellow Car tends to slip and slide when it is wet.

So we all stayed nice and comfy and warm inside the House With Wheels.

The weather got better, and Mom and Dad and Uncle Charlie had a great time. (And Mom got to knock down a bunch of cones! Look behind the car... And yes, that IS Mom driving...)

The weather got better, and the House With Wheels was Happy.

And finally, here is my award steak-winning look! Pretty good, dontcha think?!?

Mom promises that she will try to get pictures, and will update when she can. In the meantime, can you believe that that was me?!? Heehee! (BTW, that is one of Mom's most favorite pictures of me - can you blame her?)

*kissey face*
-Fiona, the Traveling 'Doodle

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday, but with words and it is still Tuesday

Heehee. The post will be mostly pictures, so it seemed like it should be Wordless Wednesday, but it's still Tuesday, and I like to practice my typing every once in a while.

Besides, I had to update a couple of things. Mango was right; Dad did have a coal and Oscar pee. And he's definitely happy to have it behind him. Heehee. I crack myself up sometimes! I think there is some teeny, tiny part of him that is glad to have it done, but Mom told me that he was muttering something about not wishing it on his worst enemy when she was driving him home from the clinic. Eh. If he only knew what they did to me at the vet office Every Time I Go, he might not complain so much.


Today was gloomy and wet and icky, so Mom and I didn't have any opportunities to go crunching through/falling down on picturesque autumn leaves. Instead, I went out and modeled my coat a bit. I don't really like it, but for the right amount of treats, I will pose for pictures. So, pose I did.

But only for so long, because I wanted to run. Even if the silly coat hampers my running abilities.

TaiChi, on the other hand, has no issues with her coat. And wears it most of the time - even in the house, because she gets cold easy. But she doesn't look like a crossing guard, so I don't blame her for wanting to wear her coat.

I did a very brief ROTE with Mom, but because it was so dreary and blah, mostly I hung out with Dad (who was recuperating today), and hogged all the bed space for myself kept his place warm when he got out of bed.

It was a Very Tough Day.

Mom, meanwhile, finally finished her little sewing project. Which means that she is now freed up to start stitching Christmas presents. (If you are a recipient - and you probably don't know who you are - you might want to anticipate your Christmas present around, oh, Memorial Day. I'm just sayin'....)

At least she took the time to personalize it! And I think the top dog kinda looks like Twix. I would say that it looks like Lorenza, but the stitched doggie doesn't have a dress on, so I don't think it could be Lorenza. And the dog with the bone? Hmm. Maybe Brownie. Whaddya think? Mom says that the pattern dictated how the doggies look - I have suggested that she start looking for patterns that have 'doodles in them. Dad said something about Mom already having enough patterns to keep her busy until the world comes to an end... Let's hope the Mayans weren't right, because I don't think Mom can work that fast!

*kissey face*