Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes!

This was us last week.

This is us today.


It has been SUPER warm here lately (so warm that Mom has us scheduled for a spa day on Saturday, as our hairs are too long for 50-60F temperatures), and our snow is almost gone!

Hey Mom, I think it's time to get out the rake and the grass seed!

For the record, this was us on this day last year.


Of course, as Mom keeps reminding us, last year we had a ginormous amount of snow that melted really quickly and we had a bottom-floor flood, which really kinda sucked.  So I guess no snow is better than a flooded basement.

Not that that stops us from biteying each other.

And Mom will be able to start cleaning up our yard THIS WEEKEND, so we'll get a jump on the grass this season.  Mom's so excited, I can tell!  Heehee!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

PeeEss:  Yes, for those of you who are in to that sort of thing, we will make sure Mom posts nekkid pictures of us when we get back from the spa!

Monday, March 19, 2012

We're Back!

Mom decided to take a bit of a blogging vacation.  Something to do with Dad's birthday (of which there are no pictures because Mom and Dad went out to eat raw fish and didn't even bring us leftovers!  Hello!  It's not called a 'doggie bag' for NOTHING ya know! *sheesh*), and work, and general laziness, uh, other stuff.  Anyhoo, we're back!

Spring starts tomorrow, and spring in Utah is nothing if not unpredictable.  Last week it was warm.  Okay, it was hot - in the 60s in the mountains.  And our already pathetic snowpack did some serious melting.

We can still bitey-face in mush!

Hey Mom!  This looks like July!

Zoomies in mush.

Uh, Mom.  It might be time to break out the grass seed!
But have no fear!  This is March.  In Utah.  Our snow isn't totally done yet!

It sort of snowed over the weekend, and Abby and I took advantage of the new white stuff.

We were about to bemoan the pathetic storm (this was supposed to be a BIG storm), when we woke up this morning.  SNOW!

Zoom zoom!

Our driveway was a tad treacherous this morning, and so Mom opted to work from home, giving us more time to have our snow zoomies photographed!

This is MUCH better!
And we got in some serious frisbee time!

This is more like March!  And of course, it is supposed to be 60 by the weekend, so we'll get a good start on Mud Season, too!

Happy snow snooters!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Most Humble Apologies

Apparently we inadvertently offended our, ah, diminutive friend Tank.  We left a comment for our Lilliputian buddy on his Facebook page, because we hadn't heard from him in a while and we were a tad worried that he may have been turned back into a squirrel (in our experience, those Champion Bad Sports seem to take their titles quite seriously, and we wouldn't put it past Allred the Devil Cat to continue to engage in nefarious activities).

Our offending comment was (in its entirety), "How are you doing, our short little friend?"  We used the phrase "short little friend" as a term of endearment, but in hindsight, we can see how some vertically challenged doggies might take offense.   We certainly did not mean to insult our brachyskelic friend, nor did we mean to slight any of our undersized compact friends.  So please, Tank, our commodious friend, accept our most humble apology.  We have the utmost respect for you and your fellow dinky elfin-sized doggies; they don't call you 'ankle-biters' for nothing! 

Tank, who IS taller than a 12-inch ruler!

So while you might not have long leggies, or be Relentlessly Huge, we hope that you will understand that we used the term "short little" as a sign of our undying affection.  The Venerable TaiChi was a diminutive gal herself, and yet she was and always will be Queen of the Universe - so please don't think we are biased against you petite doggies.    Our deepest apologies - we shan't be short with you again!  Heehee!  *ahem*

However, in your response, I believe you said something along the lines of "your scary bitey face action and ceaseless snow zoomies have caused me to question whether either of you are playing with a full deck".   I have no idea why you are questioning our mental stability.

Seriously.  Look at those last pictures.  Abby is a total Cracker.   If I had a bully stick for every time Mom called Abby a "crazy whack-a-doodle", I would be up to my eyeballs in bully sticks.  And for the hours of canine martial arts?   Abby has 10 lbs on me; if I don't keep working on my skills and maintaining my fitness level, I'd be toast.  It takes A LOT to get that Cracker down.

It's a good thing she's got a big dog suit, so I can a good grip!

This is the result of tireless practice!

So I will agree that my sister is SO not playing with a full deck.  But me?  I'm constantly challenging myself with the task of ensuring Lard Butt my dear, sweet, nutso sister doesn't get the upper paw.

Smooches to you, our short little big-hearted, magnanimous friend! 

And don't forget who introduced you to sweet potato snacks!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

PeeEss:  We really do love you, little buddy!  Heehee!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

We have Warp Speed!*

Heh!  Mom has finally re-installed everything on her computer, so the ship has been righted.  Also, fearing a loss of irreplaceable** bitey-face-in-snow pictures, Granny and Grandpa bought Mom a 2TB (yes, that would be terabyte) external hard drive as an early birthday present, so Mom can back up ALL our bitey-face photos!  And 2TB should hold A LOT of bitey-face photos!  Thanks, Granny and Grandpa!

So, a few things to catch-up on.  First, for those of you who might not have been paying close attention, Abby took 3rd place in the Working Stiff class at Mango Minster!  

While I'm impressed with Abby's mastery of the blarney (seriously... did you read her entry?), and I'm proud that she placed (the competition was Very Tough!), I'm equally pleased that a REAL working dog won the class!  And, of course, I was thrilled to judge the Too Darn Cute category (and even more thrilled to see that Miss Mollie Jo won Best in Show!)  As always HUGE thanks to Mango and the Mango Momma for putting on the Greatest Dog/Critter Show in the Universe!

We also finally got some more snow, and Mom finally took some pictures of us.  While Mom seems to like her SuperNerdy job, it really cuts into her picture taking time... However, she did get over 200 pictures of us this weekend, so I can't complain TOO much... 

We continued to test the tensile strength of the frisbees...

And we got in a little frisbee snow zoomie time...

And there was much Sisterly Love expressed...

Serious Sisterly Love time!


And yes, there were snow zoomies for the sake of snow zoomies! 

We did sit still for a moment or two, so Mom could snap a picture of us 'hanging out'.  Heheh!

Happy weekend to everyone!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

*Well, where 'warp speed' means Mom will be posting once a week.

**Irreplaceable in the sense that no bitey-face-in-snow picture is exactly the same; they're like snowflakes - we get lots of snow every year, but each snowflake is different... Or so we're telling Mom!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Snow!

We've gotten snow the last two days (and there is supposed to be more tonight).  And while Mom's work severely limits her ability to get bitey-face-in-snow photos, Mom has been doing her best.  And we're doing our best to enjoy the white floofy stuff!

Sisterly Love at its finest!

Abby's got a comb-over and I've got Snow Snooter!
Oh yeah!  New snow!  Bring it on!  Mom would prefer that the new snow is brought on over the weekend, so she doesn't have to drive in it, but even though we are snow dogs, we don't have much control over the snow gods!  Heehee!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

PeeEss:  Khyra - we'll wind up the rubber band on AirFiona so we can bring you out to enjoy the white stuff!