Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Funballs!

Heehee.  After seeing the weather forecast, Mom decided that today was The Day.  She had to rake leaves and get the fall fertilizer down on the yard, so she could 'call it quits' on the lawn.  We're supposed to have rain/snow on Tuesday and then some more weather on Friday, so Mom was doing all sorts of yard work-y things.

See all those leaves?  Mom raked up most of them and removed them.  (I say 'most' because about halfway through the whole raking adventure, Mom decided that her raking muscles had atrophied over the summer, and so removing 'most' of the leaves was good enough...)

While Mom was coming up with reasons to justify a shoddy raking job, Abby and I took the opportunity to enjoy the nice fall day.



And zoomies?  Boy, oh boy!  The cool day (the high was in the mid-50s) was MADE for serious zoomies!



As you can see in this last picture, our grass is mostly leaf-free.  For now.  Not all the leaves have fallen off the trees, but Mom has declared herself 'done' with the yard until springtime!

After Mom did all the whining, erm, raking, and noticed that it was windy, and there were still leaves yet to fall, she hustled us off to Home Depot so she could get the 'fall fertilizer'  (apparently our fertilizer contributions were not appreciated - either that or Mom is going to bronze them, as she picks them up each and every day...).  So now she is really done with the yard.  And all she has left is to clean up all the leaves off the deck!  Heehee.

In other excitement, we had another doggie class this weekend.  You'll notice that I was paying SuperClose attention to Dad (he's NOT looking at his watch in this picture - he was just moving his hand, but Mom only got a couple of pictures, so she had to use what she had...)

Abby?  Not so much on the paying attention thing...

Yeah, she was doing what she was supposed to be doing, but instead of paying attention to Mom, Abby was busy checking out her boyfriend Axel a goofy chocolate lab.  (Is 'goofy lab' redundant?  Yeah, I thought so!)  In fairness to Abby, this was during the last 10 minutes of class, and Abby's puppy brain tends to melt after about 30 minutes of class!

For all of you who got snow in the East?  We'll be firing up AirFiona for a visit - we need a snow fix!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Frisbee Time!

In addition to our Saturday doggie class (Dad came to class again, so I got to go, too!  When it's just Mom going by herself, Abby is usually the one to go because she needs to have her puppy-brain mentals stimulated - something about how it 'wears her out'.  But when Dad comes, we both get to go!  Alas, Mom didn't get any pictures because she was busy stimulating Abby's mentals - which is not as easy as it sounds, because Abby's brain tends to melt after about 20 minutes or so, and it takes all of Mom's mentals to keep Abby on task!) we've been enjoying the fall weather with lots of walks, and Frisbee Time!

Now when you look at the following frisbee pictures, keep in mind that Mom was throwing the frisbee with one hand while trying to snap the picture with the other.  So the fact that we've got ANY action photos is impressive.

Nothing like some good frisbee time in fall!

Speaking of fall, all of the reds (the oaks) are gone, and we're down to the oranges and the yellows (the aspens).  Which means Mom's got a lot of raking ahead of her!  Heehee!  BTW, you may need to biggify the pictures to really see the colors.  And yes, our sky really is that blue!

Our backyard

Across the street from us
Happy fall!  (And thanks to all of you who provided Abby with moral support on the whole 'Abby + poo = bath' thing - I still think the little rat might actually LIKE baths.  Or she likes rolling in poo SO MUCH that the baths are a small price to pay...  I mentioned she's got a puppy brain, right?  Heehee.)

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Bath for Abby

Today we went to daycare at Doginhaus and  through no fault of the the daycare people, Abby rolled in poo.  Again.  If you recall, she did this a couple of weeks ago, too.  Frankly, I think she LIKES getting a bath.  Seriously.  Why else would she roll in poo so often?  Anyhoo, the nice daycare people called Mom and warned her before she came and picked us up.  Which, of course, meant that Mom was all prepared with the flashy beast...  And Doginhaus has a nifty (or so says Mom... Me?  Any place that combines dogs and baths can't be good...) self-wash place.

The self-wash room has a big doggie tub (and a floor shower kind thingy for some of you full-figured doggies who might not like walking up the ramp.... actually, Abby doesn't like to go up the ramp - she uses it  as an escape route, so Mom opens the door and lifts Abby in and shuts the door before she can escape...).

Complete with special shampoo ("Conditioning shampoo for the mountain dog" - which I think translates into any doggie who rolls in mountain poo...).

And an apron for Mom, so she doesn't get totally soaked.

Before the water started spraying, Abby was all enthusiastic.  Seriously.  I think my nut-job sister actually LIKES baths.  Or just doesn't remember what comes next.

Once the sprayer was on, and the shampoo was flowing, Abby got her 'sad puppy' face on.  Like that would make Mom stop or something.  As if!

Me?  I was perfectly happy to sit in the corner and enjoy that fact that I was not the doofus who chose to roll in poo.
 Abby was contemplating a jail-break at one point, but Mom was quick to finish up before the little rat, erm, my darling sister could escape.

And then it took like a million towels to dry her off when she was all done.  Notice how Abby is still trying to work the 'poor me' thing?  Yeah.  It didn't work.

And in no time at all, Abby had that 'new dog' smell about her again!  Which means that it's time to go play bitey-face in the dirt!  Heehee!  You'll notice I was heading for the door before Mom got some crazy idea like giving me a bath, too!

In other excitement, Mom persuaded Dad to come to a doggie class last Saturday, so both Abby and I could get edjumacated together!  Vienna sausages all around!

And we've been going on walkies, enjoying the fall colors and our tennis ball time!

It may be Fall, but for us it's spring-y time!  Heehee.


And now it's time to go get that new dog smell off Abby!  Heehee!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Monday, October 10, 2011

Where'd the Snow Go?

It's true.  Our snow has all melted. *sigh*

And we're back to our regular fall zoomies.  But... Mom forgot she had a bunch more snow pictures that she hadn't yet taken off the camera yet.   So when Mom finally pulled them off, it was like we had snow all over again!  So, we're going to hop into our Way Back Machine and enjoy the snow from a couple of days ago One More Time!

Seriously, snow zoomies are The Best!

Of course, bitey-face in snow is always awesome, too!


So, Mom, would you bring the snow back.  Please?!?

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the (snowless) Hippobottomus

PeeEss:  For those of you who were wondering, snow this time of year is not at all unusual.  Of course, it usually disappears within a day or two, but some snow is better than no snow!