Monday, December 31, 2012

Funny Fotos

Mom has a 'real' post in the works, but she seemed to think my spring-loaded sister deserved a post of her own.

The Hippobottomus has a serious vertical leap!

But never fear.  She's still totally crazy!

Someone, call a Doodle exorcist, quick!

Happy New Year everyone!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This whole Christmas thing is WAY cool.    First, we got goodies from Mom's co-workers:

Nifty paw-print blankie perfect for curling up on after snow zoomies
Nifty squeaky toy with rope leggies for tug-o-war
And then, as cool as the pressies are, even better was the fact that Mom had a Four Day Weekend!!! How cool is THAT?!?

We took full advantage of the long weekend.  On Saturday morning, we had doggie class, where we showed what wonderful students we are.

You might think this is our backyard, but it is really the little park near Petco.

Abby is a suck-up while I'm just attentive - can't you tell?

Yep, we can do this 'recall' thing!

Me working for treats while Abby just looks like a goofball.  What else is new?  Heehee.
"Hi.  My name is Fiona.  Do you have any treats?"
After doggie class we hung out at home and did the frisbee thing.

Then on Sunday it snowed!  Dad wasn't super happy about the snow, but we had fun!

Because the weather was snowy and cloudy and snowplows were out and people were driving around doing Christmas shopping, and Mom wanted to be visible, she put on her Santa suit.  (The picture is a little off-kilter because Mom was using the self-timer...)

"Mom - would you stop taking pictures and get us out on our walkies?"
At least Mom was really visible!  Which was a good thing, as the roads were pretty snowy!

 With all the new snow, we got in some Serious Snow Time!

Oh yeah!  There's no zoomies like snow zoomies!

Today (Christmas Day) was cold and sunny, and Mom took us on several long walkies, and we opened pressies (Seriously, Mom, grooming equipment?!?  You might as well have bought us socks and underwear.  At least Granny and Grandpa got us some goodies!).  Mom cooked (okay, heated) and ham for dinner, and we all had a big Christmas dinner, followed by some serious nap time...

Can't. Keep. Eyes. Open.
Heehee!  Unfortunately, Mom has to go back to work for the rest of the week, but then she's got ANOTHER four day weekend!  We can't wait!!!

So more funballs times next weekend, too, right Mom?!?
Merry Christmas to all our family and friends across the country and around the world!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Funballs Time Snowy Weekend

We are currently under a 'winter weather watch'.  That is supposed to last until Wednesday morning.  Mom would prefer that the snow contain itself to the weekends, so she doesn't have to commute in the snow, while I think Dad would prefer that the snow fall everywhere but on the driveway...  Heehee.  In spite of the dire threats of snow, we've only received about 6 inches of snow so far, but it has been enough to make for a funballs weekend!

These first photos are from Saturday afternoon, when we had gotten a little bit of snow, but it wasn't actively snowing.

Mom says she has 87 million versions of this photo.  I have no idea what she's talking about.  As usual.

Life is GOOD!
We did have a doggie class Saturday morning, but Mom *gasp* actually forgot the camera.  Which is too bad, as we were 'door greeters' - being all mellow and well-behaved while people and their doggies came into Petco.  We could totally be greeters!  (Assuming we were well-supplied with treats, of course.)

As we got more snow on and off, we got to spend more time playing frisbee.

"Are we sharing, or just pausing in tug-of-war?" "Let's go with sharing.  It sounds better!"  "Roger that!"

Mom also spent a lot of time getting close-ups of us.  She seems to be a big fan of these photos, and occasionally we will play along...

Biggify those for maximum oooohing and aaahing!  Heehee!

After pausing for photo shoots, we got more frisbee time in.

Abby the Action Dog in action!
After a great weekend of walkies in snow, and funballs frisbee times, Mom decided it was time to celebrate Abby's birthday, even though Abby did not miraculously become a well-behaved, mature dog when she turned 3 years old on December 12th.  I was all for celebrating Abby's birthday because a) I always get cake, and b) I don't have to wear the birthday hat.  (Seriously, The Things We Do to Amuse Mom...)

Are you happy now?  Good.  Get this thing off me so I can have some cake.
I mentioned cake, right?  Mom actually makes bone-shaped muffins (yes, she has a special muffin pan just for us - why wouldn't she?!?), but they are Most Tasty.  A carrot-peanut butter-honey concoction with cream cheese and peanut butter 'frosting'.  They seriously rock.

At least Mom had a real candle for Abby this year - last year Mom had to write '2' on a card and stick it on another candle!
Cake!  (With our best 'baby-bird' impressions.)

The birthday girl

Nom, nom nom!
Most nommy, and Mom did not lose ANY fingers!  Heehee!

And for those of you who are having snow-envy, I think we've got a window of clear-ish weather to get Air Fiona out to pick you up!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Urgent Update!

As you know, with Mom's so-called "job" (it sounds like a lot of tapping away on a computer keyboard to me...), we have been limited to posting once a week, if we're lucky.  But I have had to steal Mom's laptop for a few moments to post some Important News!

Actually, it's not so important to me, but Abby thinks it is important, and I've got to humor the Hippobottomus once in a while...

Abby turns 3 (yes, THREE!) tomorrow!

I can't believe it! This cute little fluffy puppy (at 8 weeks here) is going to be three years old!  Time flies when you're bitey-ing one another!

Here is my ample-bottomed sister at 1 year, already a full-size doggie...

And at two years, faking dignity...

And here she is, just a few weeks ago, proving that while physically she might be 3 years old tomorrow, she's still about 7 months old, mentally!

Me? I'm just a happy doggie.  Abby is seriously goofy...

So Happy Birthday in advance to my ample-bottomed sister!  No doubt she will be forced to endure the dreaded birthday hat this weekend, and Mom will bake some sort of doggie birthday cake, of which we will both partake!  We'll keep you posted!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the almost-birthday-girl Hippobottomus

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our weekend

Well, the weekend isn't technically over, as Mom is taking Monday off from work - something about having a 'personal day' that she has to take before the end of the year or she loses it, so she's making this weekend a 3 day weekend - which is always good!

So, we got snow this weekend - finally!  After several weeks of extremely warm weather (and Mom grumbling about mud), it's looking a little more like winter.

Of course, Abby and I had to go play frisbee tug-o-war in the new snow.

You might think this is sisterly sharing, but in fact, neither of us wants to relinquish the frisbee!
And, we had to catch a few frisbees...

And miss a few....

Yeah, so Abby totally missed that one.  But she earned high style points!
And we played more tug-o-war...

To humor Mom (we have to do it occasionally) we posed for the camera...

Because a certain doggie couldn't keep her head still while being groomed, she has mutton-chops.  Really. Biggify that picture - you'll see 'em!

I have snow on my face?  Really?  Where?

Mom also did some 'holiday stuff' this weekend, including putting up the Christmas tree.

It's a little tree, so Mom can get it decorated with a minimum amount of fuss.  This year's tree included some new ornaments, made for us by the mother of our buddy Garth Riley.  Very crafty, his mom!  Thanks, Garth!

And, of course, the tree has some classic ornaments:

Paws for Ben, Billy, TaiChi and Bufus
The angel Yorkie in memory of all of our family and friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
An 'oldie' from Mom's childhood - which means it's an ancient artifact!
And because decorating the tree only takes Mom, like, 87 seconds, we got in some more frisbee tug-o-war.

Note Abby's crazy eyes!  She's not called a whack-a-doodle for nothing ya know!
*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus