Sunday, September 29, 2013

Frisbees, A Hint of Snow, and More Frisbees

Lots more frisbee photos this week because Mom is still recuperating from her sickies.  At this time last week she was suffering from SUO (sickies of unknown origin), but now we know that she's really suffering from the bubonic plague, erm, strep throat.  She's on all sorts of antibiotics, and while she's still really tired (hence the numerous frisbee photos, and no 'out on the town' photos), she seems to be finally getting better.

But enough about Mom. 

With the official start of Fall, we've had our first snow.  The first part of the "storm" (and I use that term lightly) dropped snow just above us.

Then, the next day we got a hint of snow.  Barely a hint.  Barely enough to even be considered snow...

"You call this snow?  This is more like Abby tore apart a stuffie."
But, we took advantage of the piddling amount of snow anyway.

Does this count as snow zoomies?

Frisbee antics in, uh, heavy dandruff.  Heehee.

I got it!  I got it!
And Mom spent a little time trying to find a replacement for Picnik (the online photo tweaker).

Seriously, Mom?  If you want me to use my hands, throw the second frisbee a little closer.
Once the snow melted (which took about 30 seconds...), we were able to spend the rest of our week in Regular Fall Frisbee Antics.

One of my more graceful catches.
One of my less-than-graceful catches.  I blame it on Mom's throwing ability or lack thereof; Mom blames it on the wind.

Another one of Mom's "wind assisted" throws...

Abby duplicating the donkey and the two equidistant mounds of hay who is frozen by indecision.  Heehee!

How does she do that straight up in the air thing?  Mom must have broken out the Doodle Launcher again! 

Me? I prefer the More Traditional Frisbee Catching Pose.

I may (or may not) have caught this one.  Apparently one is supposed to keep an eye on the frisbee until it is safely in one's jaws..

Ah hah!  This time I've got my Eyes On The Frisbee!

More Doodle Launching.

No clever captions, I just like this photo.

More of the Levitating Hippobottomus.

I even allowed myself to be flung in the Doodle Launcher!

Like my sister, I, too, have been rehearsing for the great ballet Doodle Lake!
Is it me, or does my sister have an exceptionally long torso?  Maybe it's the flying ears that adds to that impression.

After all the Serious Frisbee Action, we got a little silly.

Abby playing "spoons" with the frisbee.  Seriously.  She's somehow got it hanging off the end of her ginormous snooter.

That's that rules I play by!

And I got some tug-o-war in with Mom.

"This frisbee?  You want this frisbee?  Are you sure?"
And Mom got some head shots, because they seem to amuse her.

Night Vision Doggie is Watching You at night!

Mom (and I quote) "loves" photos like this.  Who am I to argue with her?
As I mentioned before, Fall is upon us, and Mom was hoping she'd get a photo of us out in the admittedly bland fall colors.  We weren't interested in cooperating.  Mostly because it was really windy, and we wanted to get a move on.  Oh well.  Trust us that the fall colors are bland this year...

Uncooperative doggies being uncooperative.
Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another week, yet more frisbee photos

If you aren't into frisbee acrobatics, you should probably just move along, as there is nothing to see. (And if you aren't into frisbee acrobatics, what are you doing here in the first place, huh?)  Other than our frisbee excitements (of which there are many), we didn't do anything exciting this week.  Mom has been under the weather all week with SUO (sickies of unknown origin).  She's been to the doctor, but she hasn't had any 'lab results' back yet (no doubt due to a lack of labrador retrievers in our house) so she could have the bubonic plague, the morbid sore throat, or she's faking it, erm, or just a virus.  Regardless of the ultimate diagnosis, Mom has been low energy, so we haven't done anything wildly exciting other than walkies and frisbee time.  Which is not all bad.

First, a movie to get you in the mood.  Abby, by the way, is made out of rubber and has springs in her legs.  I guess maybe her big bottom really is all muscle.  Check out this movie and see what I mean...  Here's the link if you can't see the embedded video:

Crazy, huh?  Mom's working on some other videos where you can see Abby's ridiculous "hang time".

Me?  I prefer to stay a little closer to the ground.  Although I still have some variety to my technique.

Gotta make sure one tippy-toe is on the ground.

Two toes down for a full extension.
Notice my solid platform for the frisbee 'trap' catch!

Again, notice my solid platform while keeping my eyes on frisbee.

Baby bird approach to frisbee catching.
Abby, as can be seen in the video, has a whole repertoire of frisbee catching techniques.

A basic, vertical extension frisbee catch.

The zombie approach to frisbee catching.

Seriously.  There should be a statue of this in the yard, Mom's got so many photos like this.

Hippobottomus as Kung Fu Master.

Levitating Hippobottomus.
Apparently, we have been Good Influences on our mini-Dood friends Murphy and Stanley.  They hadn't really been initiated into the goodness that is frisbee fetching, but with some encouragement, a little instruction to their Mom, and our photo displays, the Doods have become quite accomplished.

So, we would like to explain how Mom keeps us moving when we are out in the yard during frisbee time.  The key is to start with more than one frisbee.  We prefer at least four, if not more.

Why yes, I AM stepping on Abby's frisbee while holding my own.  I call it displaying Sisterly Affection.  Heehee!

Okay, Mom.  Throw some frisbees!

Mom throws one to me, then throws one to Abby, by which time I've returned and Mom throws another frisbee so I drop the one I've got so I can go chase the new one, while Abby returns with her frisbee and Mom fires off another, causing Abby to drop hers, and then I'm back and ready for another frisbee... All while Mom is snapping photos.

When it works well, it's sort of like this...

I did mention my sister is made of rubber, right?
Unless, of course, someone starts hoarding frisbees.

Occasionally, there are other glitches in the system.  Sometimes I don't really want to give up my frisbee...

"Oh hi.  You mean you want THIS frisbee?"
And other times, when it is windy (or Mom is making Really Bad throws), there are "technical difficulties."

Whoops.  Luckily it was so windy that it came down again.
And when our well-oiled frisbee machine breaks down, sometimes this happens:

"I got it!"  "No!  I've got it!"  "No, it's MINE"
But that rarely ends in bitey-face.  Or at least Mom doesn't get it on camera because she's too busy rounding up all the errant frisbees in the yard!  Heehee!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Flying Hippobottomus

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Of Moosies and Acrobatic Fails and Whatnot

If you couldn't tell from the title, we've had Yet Another Super Exciting Week!

The weather is slowly changing here (it actually rained on and off much of this week, to Mom and Dad's dismay, as apparently riding their bye-sickles in the rain is not considered "fun"), and with the changes in the weather, some of wild friends stop by the house.   This week, Momma Moose and her babies stopped by.

After a quick hello, we dashed back inside and Mom took about 87 million pictures.  I'll just give you the highlights...

Our Mom was very happy to see the moose working on (and I quote) "those pesky aspens".

Baby moosie siblings.
Mom and Dad started calling the two youngsters "Frick and Frack" because somehow, apparently, they reminded Mom and Dad of a certain pair of 'doodle siblings.  Since they couldn't POSSIBLY be talking about us (could they?!?) they must have been talking about our buddies Murphy and Stanley.

Because Abby and I are nothing like those young moosies....

I see Absolutely No Resemblance Whatsoever.
The moosies continued to nosh on our foliage (and were not at all deterred by the fence that keeps Abby from running down the hillside to greet doggies on the street).

At one point, it looked like Momma and family were going to settle in for an after-dinner nap.

However, they seemed to be unsettled by our on-going, enthusiastic greetings from the porch and finally moved on to eat someone else's trees.  We're certain they'll be back!

In between the raindrops, we've been getting in some frisbee action.

Note the focus on concentration.

Yes, I DO get in some frisbee action, when my sister isn't being a total frisbee hog!

But that doesn't stop my sister from photo-bombing my frisbee actions...
And since Abby is a frisbee hog, I feel Absolutely No Guilt in posting this next video.  Actually, this video is an excellent example of how often Abby tends to sacrifice the end result of frisbee-catching for a vicarious display of 'doodle acrobatics.

For those of you getting the bloggie via email, here is the direct link:
Make sure you have the volume on for this movie.  While the action is fun and all, the accompanying soundtrack really makes the movie.  Now sit back, grab your popcorn, and enjoy!


After posting the video on Facebook, the Thundering Herd found a cartoon that seemed to remind them of a certain Flying Hippobottomus.  Because we don't want to step on anyone's copyrighted toes, please know that we are not taking any credit for the cartoon, and strongly encourage you to go visit the cartoonists' website to look at all their nifty cartoons.  Here's a direct link to their cartoons:

Clearly Abby needs a software update.  Or glasses, as Mrs. Wild Dingo suggested.  Heehee!

Mom is still working on getting good 'stop action' photos, so expect to see more movies in the future!  In the meantime, have a great week, and keep those frisbees flying!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Acrobatic Flying Hippobottomus