Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Short Story of a Christmas Toy

Merry Christmas everyone!  Let me tell you a short story of a Christmas toy.

So, our Uncle Ralph made us a very nifty toy for Christmas (apparently our cousin Smokey is a bit a chewer, and our uncle thought he might go broke buying Smokey things to destroy, and so he started making toys himself, cutting out the middleman, so to speak...).  It was a great toy; and with the bright colors, perfect to play with in the snow!

Daisy could only feign indifference for a minute or two.

The perfect length to carry around and whip from side to side!

Daisy I both love fetching these toys, and about 10 minutes in, as we were just winding ourselves up for a great time of fetch/bitey-face Mom's superlative athletic skills kicked in.  She says she was trying to throw it far into the yard. Yeah, whatever.

The result should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever met Mom....

Yep. That will be there until Spring (or Summer) when Mom can convince Larry to come out with one of his big ladders to retrieve it... *sigh* Seriously. There are times I really wonder about Mom.

At our behest, Mom has explained all and begged our Uncle Ralph for another one, promising to throw it away from the house, and never, EVER throwing it toward the house again.  *sigh*

I told you it was a short story of our toy!

*kissey face*

Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Winter - For Real This Time

 Hi!!! It's me, Lucy-Fur!  After a head-fake snow in October, we didn't get any real snow until this week.  And then we got A LOT of snow!  Daisy and I have been having a grand time in it!  Mom has a bunch more photos, but something about getting other photos for people and work and stuff.  I think she makes this work stuff up sometimes...

Zooming so fast that my floofs covered my eyes!


Hi!  Mom bought us some tug toys to play with in the snow since we, um, apparently, don't like Frisbees.  Duh. Those things could take an eye out! Heehee!

Daisy is all dramatical-like!

Very regal!

Daisy was helping Mom test out her new lens.

More later - and not so much of a gap between updates, I promise!

*kissey face*

-Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy

Thursday, October 14, 2021

We're Back!

Yes, it's true.  Mom hasn't updated our bloggie in like 87 months.  Something about 'another photo project' (which she hasn't updated lately either... apparently something to do with her 'day job').  Anyhoo, since Mom has decided that Daisy would make an excellent Pet Mayor I told her she'd better update out bloggie so people could get to know the real Daisy-cakes.

Daisy and I have been enjoying the snow as of late.

Morning walkies in the snow.

"Hi Mom. Do you have snacks?"

I love to spring around in the snow!

Daisy's contemplative face. Very mayoral, don't you think?

The anti-gravity field needs to be cranked up a bit!

Snow zoomies!

We also have been enjoying the age-old tradition of bitey-face in snow!  (We love each other - we just enjoy some spirited fun!  And no one ever gets hurt - it's all in good fun!)

So, we're back! Happy October everyone!


-Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy

Friday, January 1, 2021


So, it's the new year!  (Which looks a lot like the old year, but what do I know? But apparently this is something bipeds get excited about, and if they are excited, well, we can be excited, too!) 

When we were on our walkies this morning, Mom and Dad were entranced with this thing in the sky:

It's called a 'sundog' and it's caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere and the sun being low on the horizon (I think; my Astronomical Features of Interest class has just barely touched on these).

Whee! I'm a sundog!  Heehee!

Actually, Dad and Daisy and I all became sundogs.  Personally, it sort of looks like the Eye of Sauron, but given that we were being showered with ice crystals at the time, I guess it's a sundog.

It's pretty cool, no matter what!

When we got further up the hill and out of the fog a bit, we were able to the fog moving out of the mountains.

Very mystical-like, and pretty!

And while Mom and Dad were ooohing and aahing over the sun and the clouds and whatnot, Daisy and I were just thrilled that the weather was such that we didn't have to wear boots today!  

Yesterday it was 9F with snowpacked roads when we were on our walkies, and we had to wear boots.  In all honestly, once we are walking the boots are fine, and it's not to not have cold toes (some of us have Princess Toes.... hey, Fi taught me all about being a Princess, and who am I to ignore such valuable knowledge!).  But we totally like making Mom chase us around the house to put the boots on us.  It's part of the fun!

Hand over the snacks and no one gets hurt!

Daisy and I celebrated the new year but engaging in some time-honored traditions:

And we looked all dramatical for the camera.

And Mom ended the year by taking photos of us in silly clothes.  It seems to amuse her, and the snacks are good, so we tolerate it in short bursts...

Mom says Daisy is the ultimate steampunk dog because she's a bit regal with a lot of absurd thrown in.  I have to agree with Mom.

Me? I just pose for snacks.

Particularly when my airship is late.

So as our late, great buddy Dennis the Vizsla would say, Hapee Noo Yeer to everyone!

*kissey face*

Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy