Monday, June 29, 2020

Good Help is Hard to Find

I always thought Fi was being a bit hard on Mom when Fi would say how you really had to get on Mom's case to help get a bloggie post done, but as usual, I should have heeded Fi's words of wisdom.  Mom is *such* a slacker! Yeah, Mom gives me the same excuses about work, and stuff around the house, and having to take care of our yard (that would be Daisy's and my yard, and the rodents we allow to live there), and all sorts of nonsense that I find hard to believe.  (I mean, sitting at a desk looking at computer screens and muttering things doesn't really seem like work to me. Keeping the yard free of rodents is real work, but sitting at a computer? I find it hard to believe.)

I mean, it has been AGES since I had my birthday, and has there been a bloggie post?  No.  So, it's up to me....  My birthday was June 13th, and only now do you finally get to see some photos.

As you can see, I got some cake, so I guess that almost makes up for the lack of bloggie posts.

3?  Seems a lot like 2 to me.... But it does involve cake.

Surely no one will notice if I just nibble a little icing from the back...

Ooops. I knocked the candle over. Oh well, I guess that means it's cake time now!

Before my birthday, around the 7th of June, we got a little bit of snow, and a good time was had by all!  (Yes, snow. We *like* snow. So any snow, no matter how short-lived, is always cause for zoomies.)

Mom, we really don't want to be sitting here when there are zoomies to be zoomed!

The snow was most helpful in keeping our lawn perfect for, well, the things we like to do in the yard.  Daisy, for instance, likes to dig little holes and then roll on top of them.  (Mom doesn't seem to be too keen on the digging of the little holes, but this is our yard, after all....)

Of course, a yard that is good for roaching is also a yard that is good for bitey face!  And Daisy and I have been watching old bitey-face videos, and I think we can say that we are getting into fine form!

Mom says she has Van Helsing on speed dial. I don't know what that means.


I don't know why everyone says Daisy is crazy. She's just enthusiastic.

Hi Mom! Coming in for a fly-by!


There are tons more bitey-face photos, but Mom said something about how I could either have a bloggie post or more photos (I don't see how this is an either-or thing, but Mom keeps saying how she has to sleep sometime....).  So here's a few photos of us looking all dramatical-like.

So Serious! (She fakes it well!)

So, until the next time I can convince Mom to help with a bloggie post (my furry feet don't make typing very easy)!

*kissey face*
Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy