Monday, November 13, 2017

Lucy-Fur's Five Month Photos


Yet again, my couch has been invaded by the Demon Dog and her not-so-little sidekick, Bellifluffica (aka Lucy-Fur.... as an aside Abby's nickname 'Fluffica' came from Bellifluffica, which Mom thinks is the Roman name of the goddess of belly button fluff.... I think Lucy-Fur is truly a Bellifluffica, not so much because of belly button fluff, but because she's got a bit of a belly on her!).

Lucy-Fur is five months old today, and so it was That Time Again.

"Scotty, or someone, anyone - beam me up!" And yes, I'm trying to get as far back on the couch as possible.
Seriously, Invasion of the Couch Snatchers....

Here is Bellifluffica's 5 month photo.  Yep, she's a little Lard Butt.  (It's the Prednisone she's finally getting weaned off of from the Puppy Strangles - but it has made her a little, uh, full-figured...)

If you can't read it, she weighs 39 lbs, and can 'beat the puppy strangles and do yard zoomies' and she loves 'hiking, zoomies, Mom and Dad, bitey-ing Daisy, my sisters, and peanut butter'.  (I do approve of her desire to bitey Daisy.)

And the head-tilt photo....

And for reference, here is her 4 month photo...

Good grief! She's gained 11 lbs in a month!!!

Shockingly, I look as thrilled in this photo from last month as I do in this month's photos...
Have a great week, and be happy that I have my couch back!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, Lucy-Fur (aka Bellifluffica)

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