Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring is Here! (For now...)

Heh.  Given that it's only April, we could still have snow, but for now?  This was our last little patch of snow, and it disappeared last night.

The leaves from last fall have NOT disappeared, however.  Apparently Mom has it on her 'to-do' list.  Which means that those leaves might very well be there THIS fall.  Heehee!

You might notice the green thing next to the leaves, erm, snow.  That means.... On Saturday Mom finally finished raking the yard, 'prepping' it (with this nasty looking cultivator thingy), seeding it, and fertilizing it.   Once Mom had done the 'hard' work Saturday afternoon, she decided to zip over to Home Depot to get the grass seed and fertilizer so she could call the yard 'done'.  Well, 'done' as far as everything that needed to be finished before she could start watering.   And while we still may get snow, the yard is "ready".

Also on Saturday, we had another doggie class.  Mom was very busy on Saturday!   Abby and I both went, and we split out time between Mom and Jessi (the turkey hotdog lady).

Me, taking the dog class thing Very Seriously.

Me, hamming it up for the camera...
The class was working on loose-leash walking around 'strange' dogs.  (And by strange, I don't mean my sister - I mean strange as in dogs we don't know...)

The other dog in class was 'strange'.   

Actually, she wasn't strange, just new to us - and a little excited!

But Jessi had good treats, and we can handle Just About Anything with the right treats!

Abby, totally NOT paying attention to Jessi and hamming it for the camera, instead.

Abby, being the opportunistic suck-up that she is, and paying attention to Jessi in exchange for Vienna sausages.

Hi!  Did ya miss me?!?

Class was actually quite fun (as usual), and we came home worn out (which then allowed Mom to play in the yard).

Today we did our usual walkie thingy, and then Mom and Dad took off to "hit golf balls."  I have no idea what these poor golf balls did to Mom and Dad, but apparently the golf balls fought back viciously, and Mom and Dad came home tired, but happy that they hit these poor defenseless balls, and have plans to do it again in the near future.

When they got home,  Abby and I got in some bitey-face time while Mom was singing something about how her 'long hair didn't cover up her red neck' (apparently she didn't use enough sunscreen while whacking the poor golf balls and got a little pink). 

Good times!  And you'll notice from our lawn that were in much better shape than we were last year - but with all our snow gone, why it was high time for Mom to get the seed and fertilizer and stuff down!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


Two French Bulldogs said...

you better put that last snow in your freezer in case you need it. Love the fun you guys had while at training
Benny & Lily

GOOSE said...

Turkey hot dog lady, BOL! I be ALL the doggies like her.
Maybe I should go back to class. I hear that they can teach an old dog new tricks.
Good luck with the yard.

GOOSE said...

Turkey hot dog lady, BOL! I be ALL the doggies like her.
Maybe I should go back to class. I hear that they can teach an old dog new tricks.
Good luck with the yard.

Pippen said...

Mom tried growing grass last year... we think the birds ate all the seeds! And of course, mom forgets that you need to actually water these things...

Sam and Pippen

Dexter said...

I don't know about your mom, but around here once something goes on "the list" you can forget about it. Those leaves will turn to dirt before she gets them up.


Asta said...

Fiona and Abby,
That class wif the hot dog lady looks like fun and you two awe awfully good . Yoow yawd looks like a pawfect place even wifout the seedy stuff fow bitey face play..wish I could join you.
I think it sewves yoow Mom woght to get that pink neck fow hitting poow defensless balls..
Maybe now she'll spend all hew time wif you instead
Smoochie kisses

Kari in Alaska said...

Summer came to us this weekend. Then again we only have summer and not-summer

Stop on by for a visit

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that lovely picture of the last of your snow. And you think I'm bored??????????

3 doxies said...

Dang, I furgots what I was gonna say afters I read Tank's comment...hehehehe.

Anyways, why hers givin' hot dogs?? Why? Would sombuddy puuuuuulease tells e why they wanna call everything a hot dog? Okays, I done.

I so hoes your mom don't goes to all dat truble withs da lawn fur it just to die cuz dat wuld be terribles...or maybes dat just happens at my house.


Unknown said...

Wow,it's really amazing you had a great time with your mom and your paw friends playing around ah, your pictures are cool, you look pawsome on your post.

Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

Lorenza said...

Sure that doggie was happy to see you two!
Glad you enjoyed being there... and playing just like you two know how to do it!
Kisses and hugs

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Fiona and Abby, gee your mum is good. She actually plans stuff to do in the garden? Our mum and dad do it on a 'have to' basis hehehe. Your dog school looks heaps fun especially the treat part. We're glad you had a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Berts Blog said...

Perfect Days. YOu get to go to Home Depto, one of my favorite places, then training class which is held out side. (another of my favorite things to do) and then the zoomies. (outside)

PErfect weather, perfect days, perfect life.

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha ha! That golf ball description was just the funniest thing we've read in a while! :-)

That was such a good exercise you were doing in dog class – so important for doggies to learn to walk calmly past other doggies and ignore them, even if the other dogs are acting up! But really hard on us – so we need lots of practice and "proofing" so we can cope when the real situation crops up in real life! Your classes sound fantastic to be practising these sorts of real-life situations, rather than just drilling the same obedience exercises over and over…we wish more classes could be like this rather than spending all their time trying to get dogs to sit straight or make perfect left and right turns in a square… So boring and so un-useful for real life!

Love the pictures of Abby hamming it up for the camera! :-)

Honey the great Dane

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello fiona and abby its dennis the vizsla dog hay for sum reezon after reeding abowt the strayndj dog dada started singing sumthing abowt how peepul ar strayndj becuz wen yore a strayndjer fayses luk uglee or sum nonsense like that i hav no ideea wot he is tawking abowt as yoozhual!!! ok bye

Julie said...

Playing in the yard is a lot more fun than working in the yard, isn't it?