Friday, May 1, 2009

We're back....

We're back. We got back last night about 8pm. I'll have a whole bunch of pictures and things to post, but Mom hasn't taken them off the camera yet. Since I lack opposable thumbs, I haven't figured out how to take them off the camera myself. So you'll have to wait another day for the pictures.

Anyway, on Wednesday, my uncle Charlie and my brother Matt (it's a long story - I'll explain about that sometime) showed up, and they got Mom and Dad's kayaks on the truck, they hooked up the trailer, and basically helped Mom and Dad finish packing. (I got some great pictures of this 'military operation' - uncle Charlie is an ex-Marine, and was a bit befuddled by the instructions for the kayak racks, while my brother Matt is all muscle, and Lifts Lots Of Heavy Things Easily. As an aside, my brother Matt has a mastiff son named Dudley - so I guess that makes me an aunt - to a mastiff! I'm so proud!)

Again, pictures to come. MOM!!!! Stop SLEEPING!!!

The drive home was really exciting!!! Sometimes I slept, but I spent a LOT of time looking out the big window at the front. Because while sometimes there are some exciting things out there. There were lots of big orange cones, and people in bright yellow suits holdings signs - that was fun, because I got to bark at them. But they didn't even wave. What is up with that? Maybe they were worried that if they waved, uncle Charlie might lost focus and drive the House With Wheels into them. (He didn't.)

But the best part?!? I GOT TO SIT IN MOM'S LAP for a couple of hours!!!! Uncle Charlie even got a picture (while he was driving - can you imagine that?!? He used his phone, and he hasn't emailed it to Mom yet, so I can't post that one, either. These humans..... Sheesh....)

Bufus sat in Mom's lap for a while (no pictures of that, sorry), which took away from some of MY time sitting in Mom's lap, but I guess since he's old and venerable, too, it's okay. And apparently uncle Charlie had never actually spent much time with Mr. Bufus before, so he was kind of excited that Mr. Bufus graced him with his presence.

So, uncle Charlie drove while Dad stayed pretty much in the bedroom and watched TV and slept while TaiChi and Bufus and I stayed up with Mom to keep her company. Uncle Charlie talks alot. Mom says that I should mention that he probably does this to stay alert, so it shouldn't be be taken the wrong way. Uncle Charlie has as story for pretty much every freeway exit from Meqsuite, NV to his house. And the best part about his stories? Uncle Charlie is a car guy (you knew that already, though), so ever story starts with "I was driving a 1955 pickup truck with a small block engine that I had just bought from a guy for $300, so that must have been, uh, 1974" - he always starts with the car first, and then identifies the year from the car. Humans are REALLY weird. If he was really cool, he'd say, "I had an 8 month old Goldendoodle, so it must have been 2009". But I'll work on him with that. He just needs a little training.

But anyway, we made it home. We got to uncle Charlie's house, and then Dad drove us up to Park City. We parked in our spot, Dad went to the house, and brought down the Pacifica so that we could all go to The House Without Wheels.

Wow. What. A. Strange. Place. I don't remember it At. All.

And truth be told, I was a little confused. Anda little scared. I mean, the house is REALLY BIG. And all I remember from this house is a big dog barking at me. Mom's input here: Fiona only lived in the house for a few weeks, and Ben had cancer, and didn't suffer enegetic puppies lightly. I'm not sure if Fiona remembers this or not. In hindsight, I don't think so - but I'l let Fi talk.

So after walking around the house, I spent a bunch of time hanging out in the doorway of the back bedroom. I could see what was going on in the kitchen, but I was comfortable in the backroom.

And frankly, I wasn't so sure about the whole back yard thing. Of course, it was kind of dark, so I didn't get to run around. But when Mom let me out on the porch, I didn't feel comfortable - it was still a wood floor. I'm not supposed to pee on a wood floor, am I? Even if it is outside... Good thing that I have a bladder than can let Mom sleep through most of the night.

But today?!? WOW. Today was REALLY COOL. Mom was worried about me, so she took me on a walk, like first thing. And that was fun. LOTS of New Smells. And some dogs. It was TOTALLY FUN!!! And Mom showed me where we are going to go hiking when all the snow melts.

Because Mom has this thing about mud.

OMG!!! MUD!!! Awesome. I just came back from outside. TaiChi had to piddle, and Mom wanted me to get more comfortable outside. So she took a toy, and I got to chase the toy. But then I got to Zoom around the yard. Mom is still a little worried about me seeing a bird and getting distracted, so she kept me in a kind of a small area (the yard has two levels with a big hill, and while I got to bound up the hill Once, it was with Mom at my side - she doesn't want me dashing off after those lovely birds...). But I still got to ZOOM. And OMG!!! That was So Much Fun.

Mom says I tracked Mud into the house. Apparently she has pictures of this, too, but she hasn't got them off the camera yet, so there is No Evidence at this time... But wow, it was fun!!!

So, maybe, just maybe, this House Without Wheels will be okay. We'll see. But I did like the walk. And the Zooms in the yard. So maybe this will all be okay. And I do like the yard. And the walks. And the Zooms.

Pictures later. *kissey face!*


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Mango said...

Oh boy! Can't wait to see the pictures. Your yard sounds like adventure land... and all those rooms! Lots of different places to guard. You'll be busy.