Friday, May 22, 2009

Mom's Slow on the Pictures.... Again

I honestly don't know what keeps Mom so busy that she can't post pictures.

Lemme look at her calendar for the last week.... The only thing I see is a doctor's appointment for Dad, and an aborted attempt for me and TaiChi to go to the groomer - Mom took us there, but they were closed. It is a husband-wife team (with a very handsome poodle who helps run the show), and I think the wife has been sick as of late - at least that is what Mom told me - at least I got a car ride. Which was kind of fun. TaiChi wasn't so excited about the car ride, but she only seems to like the truck and the House With Wheels.

Oh, and she had a bunch of 'errands'. Frankly, any 'errand' that doesn't allow me to ride in the car with a toy (to keep me occupied while she's doing whatever things it is she does) doesn't count. And Mom didn't take me on any of the errands she ran this week because she was worried about me sitting in a hot car. Which is fine by me - I don't like hot cars. Besides, I like staying home and sleeping with TaiChi, too.

And Mom and Dad have been doing that two-wheeled ride-y thingy again.

But I haven't been completely neglected. Mom has started taking me on hikes. Mom has been talking about a ‘hike’ forever. Actually, she calls it a ‘H-I-K-E’, as if I don’t know how to spell. Mom: I’ve got my own blog. Even if I use SpellCheck from time to time, I can spell basic words like ‘hike’ and ‘walk’ (even when you spell it backwards, in an attempt to be sneaky – as if! Don’t forget that I’ve got Poodle brains.)

We did our first one a few days ago, and I must say, there is something to this whole living in the mountains thing. I liked the trees, and the dirt, and the patches of the white cold stuff (Mom says it's snow). And I know Mom got some pictures, but, of course she "hasn't had time" to download the pictures.

Sheesh. C'mon Mom. I am growing more beautiful by the day, and I think my reading public deserves to see me in all my beautifulness. So I'm going to get on her about the pictures. Especially since if she gets too far behind in the picture thing, she'll forget, because they've got another car race thingy on Sunday.

TaiChi and Bufus and I are not going to this car race; it is fairly close to home, and it might rain, so Mom and Dad want us to stay home, and have Uncle Larry come over and let us run around in the yard so we aren't cooped up all day. I'd be fine, but I'm a little worried about TaiChi - I don't think her old lady bladder could hold up all day, so having Uncle Larry come over will be good.

I'll push Mom on the pictures, because a post without pictures is like a car without race tires!


Mango said...

OK, it looks like your mom might need an inter-vent-scion.

Forced marches through the woods and no pictures?

Not right.


1000 Goldens said...

Fiona - we miss your beautiful face. I agree with Mango. It's time for a talk with Mom!