Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some pictures - but not as many of me as there should be!

Okay, I finally have the packing pictures. It’s pretty funny how many humans it takes to do simple tasks. (And how many beers it takes to get said simple task done…). Now keep in mind, with these pictures, that my uncle Charlie is a former Marine. He’s not really my uncle, because Mom says he’s not actually related to any of us. But since I’ve now done Two Big Trips in The House With Wheels with him, I have formally adopted him as my uncle Charlie. My first trip with him was to Topeka in September of 2008, when I was a little fluffball – we went over 1,000 miles each way, and I got to nap with him even though I wasn’t totally house-trained, so I adopted him immediately – anyone who shows that much trust is well worth having in the family. My brother Matt isn’t really my brother, but for reasons that Mom and Dad have never quite explained to me, they adopted Matt early on when they were car racing (Matt also raced a Mini Cooper, but he’s had to sell it because he’s got a human baby on the way, and needed a little more room).

The first task Matt and Charlie had when they arrived (they drove all the way down from Utah in one day, and got there early enough to be put to work), was to get Mom and Dad’s kayaks on the pickup truck.

How many beers does it take uncle Charlie to figure out the instructions? Heehee!

Well, it clearly takes 3 humans and me, with the camera, giving directions to all of them to get it figured out.

Mom says it’s because none of them really read the instructions – Charlie was just faking, earlier.

Uncle Charlie put all of his Marine skills to work in tying down the kayaks. Those are some impressive knots!

But when they were done, they had a few pieces left over.

Apparently the boys decided that they were ‘extra parts’ and just tossed them inside the truck.

Then they hooked the truck up to the trailer. Matt and Charlie are both long-time car racers and old pros at this, and got it handled in one try. Even I was impressed!

And all the vehicles were lined up so that in the morning, all that they’d have to do is hook up the Saturn to the motorhome, and we’d be ready to go.

And then I got to spend quality time with Uncle Charlie.


And here’s an action photo of me playing kissey face with Mom!

Okay, so after all that up there, we made it home.

And I got to play in the yard.

And Mom says that I got muddy feet out there. (She thinks she's being all clever with this picture; c'mon Mom - what's the point of furry feet if you can't get them muddy?!?)

Mud? What is she talking about?!?

That’s NOT me. That was someone else! I swear!

But now that I’ve had 2 full days (basically) in The House Without Wheels, I am beginning to like it more and more – there are LOTS of rooms to explore. And Mom takes me on a walk at least once a day, and gets me in the yard so I can get muddy feet and chase things a bunch of times during the day. It rained this morning, and I didn’t really like the rain so much, but when it stopped raining and was just muddy? Too Much Fun!

And so you don’t forget about her, TaiChi is really happy to be home – she walks around the yard a lot, and even runs a little bit. She also likes walking around the house and making sure that she adds her own quantity of mud to the floor. (And the bed.) She also 'dances' in circles, but sometimes the tile floor (which is a little slippery - even I've noticed that) tricks her and she ends up sitting on the floor. But I know she's happy to be in The House Without Wheels. So is Bufus; right now he's curled up next to the heater in the bathroom. Because it's 43 degrees out, and damp - that was Mom grumbling there, BTW.

I’ll make Mom bring the camera outside when it’s not raining so you can see the yard and the Glorious Mud!!!

*kissey face!*

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We're glad you made it home safe and look forward to the rest of the pictures!