Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alas, NO PICTURES *sigh

No pictures here because Mom has been "busy". Actually, she has been so "busy" that she was gone All Day; she left at 8am and didn't get home until 5pm. It's almost like she has a job or something. But this should only last for another day, so I guess it's okay. Especially since Mom took me out on a walk this morning before she left. But no walk when she got home. She was "tired". What's up with that?!? Apparently she's got Important Meetings in Salt Lake City, but those should be over (sort of) after tomorrow, and she can get back to the Even More Important Time with ME!!!!

So today I spent napping with Dad and playing with my little big sister, TaiChi. TaiChi doesn't like to play on the tile floors because she slips around a lot, but when we get on the bed, she's all in my face. She's pretty feisty, too, especially for an old lady. Tonight when she got up on the bed, I started to attack her, and she went on the offensive, and had me on my back, her snaggly teeth snapping at my nose. She's tough. And she's my hero.

Oh, but I did get to get some Zooms in today. When Mom got home, we went into the Yard (a Very Cool Place, I might add), and while TaiChi was just sort of walking around, I got to race around the Yard in circles. It was REALLY cool. And what was most fun of all was racing around, and then zooming up to TaiChi and swerving at the last possible second. It's fun to see how close I can get to her at high speed before I make a high speed turn. (Mom and Dad tell me that I 'throttle steer' - which is apparently some car racing term that applies to rear wheel drive cars with big engines. Which sort of describes me, actually.) So, Zooms today were Fun.

If Mom ever gets done with her Important Meetings, maybe she'll get some pictures of me Zooming. And TaiChi bouncing - because she bounces around like a bunny in the Yard. Mom and Dad find it 'cute' - I see it as an invitation to go racing after her at high speed.

Mom says it's bedtime, so bye for now. Kissey faces to all!

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