Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh boy!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I get to go back in The House With Wheels!!!

Mom and Dad have a car race tomorrow morning, and because they are doing something Official at the race, they have to be there Super Early. (And for Dad, anything before 10am is super early. Teehee!) Like 7am, and since it takes an hour to get to the place where they are going to race, they would have to leave at 6am. And would have had to leave me (leave me? NEVER!), TaiChi and Mr. Bufus at home for Far Too Many Hours. So they decided that they will go out the night before (tonight) in The House With Wheels, so they will be there for their Super Early Official Stuff.

And, of course, we are all going with them, because that's the whole point of taking The House With Wheels.

And I get to go back to a car race! Mom and Dad do this car thing where they drive cars around these orange cones. (Mom seems to hit a lot of cones, BTW. I'm not sure if the goal of the sport is to hit as many of those cones as possible - if so, she must be Really Good.) I remember these races from when I was Really Little, and I had fun - lots of noise, and lots of people (and lots of people who want to say hi to me!). And the weather is supposed to be nice, so it should be fun.

And I'll be in The House With Wheels!!! I'm so excited!!! Even if it is only for a day!

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