Saturday, November 18, 2017


We finally got our first 'real' snow of the season.  While I am enjoying it, I am particularly enjoying the fact that the youngsters aren't really bugging me!

Although I did have to show some solidarity with Daisy - how else is the little one going to learn? And no, Daisy didn't actually catch that frisbee, first!
And the youngsters did seem to enjoy themselves.

Crazy snow zoomies!

Her leggies need to get a little longer before she can actually 'zoom'.

I have no explanation for this. None whatsoever.

She is quickly learning the 'looking cute in the snow' thing.
Yep, even I will admit that she's kinda cute!

Crazy Cakes.

Still crazy!

Yep, she's totally doing the cute thing!

For the record, Mom was being mean; Daisy had picked up one frisbee off the ground and Mom through it would be funny to throw another one to her. Okay, maybe that WAS funny!  Heehee!
Today after the morning walkies I was having a slight snooze when the kids went outside with Mom, where Mom became fascinated with the sun. Mom said after she took the photos, she came inside and read about how to take 'sunburst' photos, so she's hoping for clear skies again tomorrow!

Mom is rather pleased with this photo, even if it doesn't have a clear sunburst - she liked the smug look on Lucy's face.

And don't worry that there aren't many photos of me - Mom only took photos outside once today, and I was snoozing. But there will be photos of me, just not today!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur the up-and-coming Supermodel!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Lucy-Fur's Five Month Photos


Yet again, my couch has been invaded by the Demon Dog and her not-so-little sidekick, Bellifluffica (aka Lucy-Fur.... as an aside Abby's nickname 'Fluffica' came from Bellifluffica, which Mom thinks is the Roman name of the goddess of belly button fluff.... I think Lucy-Fur is truly a Bellifluffica, not so much because of belly button fluff, but because she's got a bit of a belly on her!).

Lucy-Fur is five months old today, and so it was That Time Again.

"Scotty, or someone, anyone - beam me up!" And yes, I'm trying to get as far back on the couch as possible.
Seriously, Invasion of the Couch Snatchers....

Here is Bellifluffica's 5 month photo.  Yep, she's a little Lard Butt.  (It's the Prednisone she's finally getting weaned off of from the Puppy Strangles - but it has made her a little, uh, full-figured...)

If you can't read it, she weighs 39 lbs, and can 'beat the puppy strangles and do yard zoomies' and she loves 'hiking, zoomies, Mom and Dad, bitey-ing Daisy, my sisters, and peanut butter'.  (I do approve of her desire to bitey Daisy.)

And the head-tilt photo....

And for reference, here is her 4 month photo...

Good grief! She's gained 11 lbs in a month!!!

Shockingly, I look as thrilled in this photo from last month as I do in this month's photos...
Have a great week, and be happy that I have my couch back!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, Lucy-Fur (aka Bellifluffica)

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Yeah, so, it's that time again - time to have our furs stolen.  Admittedly, we were all getting a little shaggy, and Little Miss Tumbleweed was most definitely in need of a haircut.

Here is Lucy-Fur's 'before' photo - a true tumbleweed!

And here she is, as a groomed tumbleweed!

She's still a bit of a widebody (it's the prednisone - she'll lose her pear-shape!), but even I have to admit that she's pretty cute!

Daisy and I are also both looking quite stunning! (Okay, Daisy still looks a little nuts, but a groomer can't do much about that!  Heehee!)

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Costumes

I am WAY too dignified a doggie to put with this Halloween nonsense.  However, everyone does have their price, and I will admit that for some mighty tasty duck snacks I can be bribed to share my couch with the crazy youngsters...

At least Mom acknowledges that I AM Wonder Woman for allowing the youngsters to be on my couch!
Lucy clearly had no idea what was going on with the whole super hero cape thing, and Mom debated between pulling out Daisy's ghost costume from last year (see below), before deciding on a witch's hat.

Lucy really has no idea how lucky she is.  I mean, she could have been a stand-in for Charlie Brown...

Daisy last year, when she was young and pliable... Sort of...
As you can see, Mom isn't really hip to this whole Halloween costume thing.  However, this last weekend she photographed a bunch of smoosh-faced doggies (aka French Bulldogs) whose parents were totally into the the Halloween thing.  Here are a few of Mom's favorites.

This was Mom's favorite - a "French" Frenchie, complete with beret!

Mom rather liked this one, too - this doggie was a sushi, complete with wasabi and ginger on her seaweed nori!

And really, who doesn't love a slightly crazed looking Darth Vader/

Scary clown and non-Frenchie sailor with her own boat!
Which, of course, brings us to the classic Jaws quote, "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

And who can say no to Mr. T?

I wonder if Mom could have found a larger version of this next costume for Daisy...

Or maybe this one....

I think we got off easy!  Heehee!  Happy Howl-o-ween!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur

Sunday, October 22, 2017


So, we got a dusting of snow this weekend.  Apparently the little dogs thought this was an excuse to go crazy.  (Oh, wait.... a certain black dog is always crazy...)

Luckily, however, I was able to convince the wee beasties to work on their snow zoomies.  Little Blonde Dog is a quick study on the zoomies thing!

She levitates, too!
And there was much chasing going on....

Daisy is crazy, as always....

However, I was able to teach Little-Fur about sitting to get snacks.  She's get a way to go, but I think she's teachable!

I even sat next to Daisy....

Yuh. That black dog is just plain nuts!

And while the youngsters were doing crazy zoomie stuff, I was able to pose for photos, as civilized doggies do...

I do that well!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur (who still has a Buddha-belly!)