Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring is here!

Spring is here, and Daisy and I have been having a grand time, because Spring means tennis ball time! It also means that I have to show the wee beastie how to catch a tennis ball...

Daisy seems to think that the proper approach is to swat at the ball.

Or catch it with her snooter...

And clear, she needs some help...

THAT isn't right!
Watch me, little Demon Dog!

Daisy also seems to think that tennis ball time involves bitey-ing me.  Most of the time I run away from the crazed wee demon (I am seriously getting too old for this crazy puppy behavior ALL the TIME!), but occasionally I like to show her who's boss!

Oh, c'mon on!

She thinks she's so tough...

So I have to show her my teeth to let her know I'm still in charge!


Take THAT, you crazed Hell Hound!


Watch again, little dog.

I show her, I tell her, and still she is a doofus!

Of course, it's even worse when she gets in my way when I'm trying to catch the ball!
She does pose well, however.

She looks SO innocent, but I know better!

Of course, I pose VERY well!

Have I mentioned yet how much my sister is a doofus?

Mom is quite thrilled with this next photo. Apparently she sees this as proof that the mind meld that she performed between Daisy and Abby has 'taken'.  If, I guess, throwing yourself into the air with wild abandon and an attempt to catch the tennis ball is the essence of Abby (and, honestly, it is), then I think Mom's right - the mind meld worked....

Finally here is Daisy's 9 month photo. No, she doesn't seem to be much bigger than last month, and yes, I have been working on that sneer.

Nine months.

Here's here 8 month photo for comparison.  You can see how much more enthusiastic I am now than I was a month ago! Heehee!

Daisy at 8 months.
Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

All Kinds of Excitement

We have had an exciting 10 days or so!  First, spring in Utah is always entertaining.  One day it's warm and sunny and you are zooming around the yard, trying not to let your sister steal your tennis ball...

And your sister is being a goofball (and wondering when Mom is going to get around to cleaning up the yard from the winter)....

And then suddenly, it snows.

Daisy the Weather Dog could, indeed, verify that it started to snow on Saturday.
And snow it did! It snowed on and off Saturday, and then Saturday night we got a few inches of snow, and we had some great snow zoomies and snow bitey-face on Sunday!  (Don't ask me why, but I really like bitey-ing my sister in the snow, but am a tad more reluctant to bitey her in the grass.... Daisy, on the other hand, is perfectly happy to bitey me anywhere, any time!)

I've got to try to maintain the psychological advantage - because as my British friends would say, Daisy is cheeky!
I've got to show her my teeth, because she's always leading with her teeth!

Not only does she lead with her teeth, but she levitates!

At least I can still usually tackle her!

Daisy was either reporting the weather at this point, or she just likes wrestling from the ground....

Did I mention that I need to show off my teeth in an attempt to communicate with the youth of today?

I prefer to remain standing when defending myself from the wee beastie!

Another case of Daisy attacking from the ground!

Honestly, she's a little terrifying with those teeth of hers!

Which is why I have to levitate myself out of the way of those teeth from time to time!

Seriously. This kid seems to think that I am just a big furry chew toy...

Holy carp! Do you see those Jaws of Doom?!? Eeiieee!

Did I mention that she seems to levitate, too?!?

See the above comments about levitating...

And those teeth!
On the plus side, I ALWAYS win snow bitey-face. It might have something to do with the fact that Daisy likes to roll in the snow, but I always win!

And the end of the day, we ARE sisters, and once I've convinced the wee beast that I really am in charge, we're friends again!

Since it is Spring, by Monday, our snow was melting...

In the morning.


Do I even need to repeat my comments about those teeth?!? BTW, she still hasn't learned to catch the frisbee, just scare it with her teeth! Heehee!

And today, our snow was all gone and it was back to tennis balls.  Welcome to spring in Utah!

I LOVE tennis ball season!

Even when the wee beastie is thinking about snacking on my tail!

C'mon, Mom. Throw the ball before Crazy Cakes bites me!
Daisy is always trying to steal my tennis balls, so I have to look ferocious!
Daisy is still trying to learn how to catch tennis balls. Or fling herself in the air, or something. It's a little hard to tell what she's doing!

Um, I think you might have missed the ball there, Daisy!

Yeah, I'm not sure what's she's doing here. Showing off her ginormous feet, I think!

I guess that's one way to attempt to catch the ball... I guess...

She clearly thinks those big mitts of hers are good for something!
Oh, and one other piece of excitement.  Today was Mom's birthday, and while there was no trip to the Magic Cheeseburger Window, Mom and Dad went to a nice steak place for dinner for Mom's birthday, and Daisy and I were brought the leftovers! Which is totally how National Pet Day should be celebrated! (And Mom's birthday, too!)

Finally, for those of you who have your air conditioners on, I'll leave you with some cool thoughts!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch