Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally, some pictures.... *sheesh*

Thanks to you guys for harassing my Mom about pictures. Because I don’t think she would have ever posted pictures of my hike. (Don’t worry Mango – I had fun! And Mom says I’m a ‘natural hiker’ – whatever that means!)

Here I am, not sure about this whole hiking thing – I mean, we had only ever gone for walks on hard surfaces. This was soft and dirty and full of pine needles. And I wasn’t really sure about the whole dirt thing.

But then I got all into it, and was wondering why Mom was So Slow.

C’mon Mom. Let’s Go!!!!

Because there were lots of really cool things to smell.

I can’t wait to go again. But Mom has been Busy the last couple of days, and then yesterday after they got back from doing their silly thing on two-wheels, she had to get ready for a car race today.

In. The. Rain.

I swear, sometimes I really think my Mom is losing it.

Everyone knows that on rainy days, the best possible thing to do is stay in bed all day and watch movies with your very warm and cuddly children.

But my Mom and Dad? They somehow think it is a better idea to get up at 6am and drive to someplace so they can go stand around and occasionally drive cars in the rain.on a Sunday, I might add – which really doesn’t mean anything to me, because everyday is a weekend, but I watch TV so I know humans – you are supposed to Sleep In on Sundays. And I’ve been to enough of these car races to see that Mom and Dad spent like half the time standing around, or sitting in a little trailer. I’m tellin’ ya – I think they are losing it.

And because today was just a one day event, and it was raining (did I mention already that it was raining?) they left us kids home, and just drove down to the race. At least they made sure that Uncle Larry came over to let Taichi and me go run around the yard. And I impressed Uncle Larry with my zooms – he had never seen me zoom before, so I got to show off for him!

And, of course, Mom doesn’t have any pictures of the car race. Because it was raining. But I’ve heard Mom and Dad talking, and apparently Dad drove very well, and Mom spent a lot of time “going sideways”. From my TV experience, and from watching car races, I don’t think you are supposed to go sideways. But apparently it was a combination of the rain and “a lot of horse power” (Mom’s words). Again, I think she’s losing it, because We Don’t Have Any Horses. How could she have a lot of horse power, when we have no horses?

I don’t get it. I know The House Without Wheels is pretty big, but trust me, I’d know if there was a horse or two here. And there are no horses. So maybe she meant dog power? But how could that be? TaiChi and I were at home. All the dog power was here, not down with them.

Seriously, I think Mom is losing it.

But she seemed happy, despite ‘spinning’ the car a few times. How do you spin a car? I thought they were big heavy things that have wheels and they go where you steer them. I’ve got to ask Mom for more information on this. Maybe she has pictures. Heh. Like she’ll ever post them… But Mom seems very happy – which means that we might be going on a road trip to, erm, ah, someplace where they race cars in a few weeks. Which means that we will get back in The House With Wheels!!!!

Ooops. Mom is calling me for dinner. Gotta go!

*kissey face!* - Fiona!


Mango said...

I think your mom has the dotty old hen disease. Sadly, there is no turning back.

I am glad you enjoyed your forced march. Dirt is fun, huh?


1000 Goldens said...

It's good to see your face again Fi! I'm glad your Mom is happy, spinning her car and stuff :o)

Mango said...

Miss Fiona,
I left you an award on my bloggy. You can stop by and pick it up anytime.