Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back in the House Without Wheels, and Still No Pictures

We're back in the House Without Wheels. Yesterday afternoon Mom and Dad and TaiChi and Mr. Bufus and I got back in the House With Wheels and went to Miller Motorsports Park. I have been to this particular place before, but it was back when I was Very Little.

This is me when I was very little. In the House With Wheels, out at Miller Motorsports Park. When we were out there then, Mom and Dad and Uncle Charlie were racing in the snow and rain.

Mom and Dad had to be at today's race early because they were Officials, and had Official Things to do. They didn't want to leave us all at home all day Thankyouverymuch, Mom and Dad! I know you wouldn't REALLY leave us at home all day, but I'm glad that you thought of use first! so they decided to take the House With Wheels out the night before so that we could go with them, they could get a good night's sleep and still wake up early, and be able to see us (us meaning ME!!!) throughout the day.

If you ask me, the motorhome was the best decision they ever made - now they have no excuse to ever go anywhere without us. And if you can't travel with your children, how can you possibly enjoy yourself? Yep. I don't think it is possible.

So. We got there last night about 8pm (and even then there were there were still people making zooming noises on the track until the sun set), we all had dinner, and settled down and got up early this morning. 6am, if you must know. I didn't know that Mom even knew there was such a time of day, but apparently, you must sacrifice if you want to have fun.

Anyhoo.... We got up bright and early, and walked around alot until I find a satisfactory place to do my business - there are so many smells, noises, and people that it is Really Hard to find a nice quiet place for a girl to do what she needs to do. That said, I think I like the smell of tires. I got to sniff a lot of tires, and it was Quite Fun.

Mom didn't get any pictures of me What Is Up With That?!? Just because she was 'working'...., but apparently she had fun anyway.

Mom and Dad and my Uncle Larry (he is at our house almost every day, and is a very nice guy, even if he is the parent of two slightly-psychotic Australian Shepherds.... Eeesh. Talk about goofy doggies....) drove the Big Yellow Car (see the picture at the top of the blog) today. Dad and Uncle Larry drove together, and Mom drove by herself (mostly; Dad found her someone who offered to ride with her, and then the guy drove the Big Yellow Car with her in it once, so she could see how it was Really Supposed To Be Done (in her words); then she was left to drive on her own).

They all seemed to have a Really Good Time, if the smiles, laughs, and pats on the back mean anything to you. I know Dad wasn't feeling very good, but I think he was very happy. And Mom was happy because she was only 2.2 seconds behind Dad (which, apparently, is Very Good for her).

And I had a good time, too. There were other dogs there, and while I was a little nervous at first about meeting them, Dad helped me so that I was Better Behaved than the other dogs - I was around 2 people with 4 dogs (total), and when Dad told me to lie down and stay, I did, even when the other dogs were being all barky and noisy. (Mom's still a bit of a pushover - Dad's got to teach her how to make me feel good enough that I can ignore all it when All The Other Dogs Go Crazy) But I was Very Proud of Myself for being a Very Cute, Well Behaved Dog. And yes, I love hearing people tell me how Cute I am. And how Well Behaved I am. And how Nice I am. Because I am absolutely all of the above.

Of course, Mom didn't get any pictures of me being Very Well Behaved. But in all fairness, I didn't get any pictures of her driving the Big Yellow Car fast. Although I think that if I can find pictures posted of Mom and Dad driving, I will post some; because it is a Pretty Car, and I think Mom and Dad both upheld the Family Name. Which is good. Because a girl's standing is at least partially based on how well your parents drive. Of course, the rest is based on how cute you are, so I'm pretty much in a win-win situation.

*kissey face* Hopefully I'll have some pictures later.

BTW, my little big sister TaiChi, and Mr. Bufus the Cat and I ALL had fun in the House With Wheels - there is always so much to see and smell and bark (or meow, if you prefer) at.

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Mango said...

Wheels? No wheels? Very confusing. At least you had fun. I like your cute little puppy self.