Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally, some PICTURES!!!

We've got some pictures of Mom driving, but I think this is the BEST picture. Because it is of ME!!!! Seriously, this shows what was so cool about the car race - I got to sit on the couch and look at the window (Mom and Dad call it my TV, which, I guess it is - because I get live action views of whatever is going on outside my window. It lets me keep an eye on the neighborhood.) And it is kind of hard to see from this size picture, but I had a view of ALL of the course, so I could watch all of the cars, and the people, and keep an eye on the other doggies (which was a VERY IMPORTANT TASK as some of those other doggies were a little wild, and I know that there are rules about doggies and car races - so I was helping Mom and Dad doing their job as Safety people).

Here's Mom in the Big Yellow Car trying to get it around a tight turn.

And here she is getting ready for the last turn before the finish.

Here's Mom right at the finish. I like this one because you can (almost) see that it is her.

This particular photographer didn't get any pictures of Dad or Uncle Larry, so I don't have any to post. But Mom is so thrilled that there are pictures of her in The Big Yellow Car. Because apparently she has a lot of fun, even if she is a little wild at times. (I'm just saying.... I was looking out the window, ya know!)

Got to go - Mom is saying something about a 'K-L-A-W'. Like she thinks that I don't know how to spell backwards. Sheesh. Give me some credit, Mom.... I'll just pretend that I don't know what she means, but if she stalls too long, I'll start bouncing around until I drive her crazy!
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1000 Goldens said...

Wow! We were always curious about the corvette in your blog banner. I didn't know your MOM was the race car driver - cool! (My Mom drives a minivan - but don't tell anyone).

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Don't feel bad - my Mom also drives a 'soccer-mom car' (as she calls it), despite us owning absolutely NO soccer balls.... Mom only drives this when she's racing. Although to be fair, Dad drives it too. Sadly, there is No Room for Me. So I think I like the Soccer Mom Car better. But I think if I kicked someone out of the passenger's seat of the Big Yellow Car, I'd look really good there! *kissey face*

Kimberly said...

wow Fi... my mom pretends she's a race car driver but her little car just doesn't go that fast. I've heard her make race car screeching sounds going around corners, I think she's losing it!... your mom has a really cool car, HIGH FIVE..