Friday, May 29, 2009

More about ME!!! I'm a movie star!!!

I think that Mango laid the guilt-trip pretty heavily on my Mom, because here is a Second Post In One Day. This is a new world record for my Mom, who is also known as The Person Who Takes The Longest Time EVER To Post A Blog.


For those of you who don't know, Dad is a musician. Because of 'work' he hasn't played in front of real, live audiences in something like 15 years (I don't count Mom, TaiChi, and Bufus as an audience - you need like 50 people to be a real audience. You also need, oh, I dunno, all sorts of things that professional musicians have, like roadies and stuff. I know all this stuff because I watch TeeVee, BTW.) But, Dad has decided to 'get back into' his music.

Mom refers to this as his 'Mission From Gawd' and says something about how Dad should be driving around in an old black and white Crown Vic, and saying that "he's getting the band back together".

Did I ever mention that my Mom might possibly be losing it? Of course, my grandparents (Mom's parents) keep referring to Dad as 'Elwood', so maybe it's genetic.

So Dad's been studying and practicing, and on occasions like tonight, composing. Because I am Daddy's Little Girl, he performed a song in my honor. (Yep, that's right. A song about ME!!!!) Mom filmed it on her little camera, so it's kinda hard to hear, so I have provided the lyrics for you:

I got a dog named Fi
I paid money for her
I got her from a place
They said they were a breeder

I got a dog
Lord knows her name is Fi

Yeah, she said she's a poodle
The rest really confuses me

(Thank you, thank you very much, uh-huh!)

Don't worry - I'll explain the P-Mod thing later.

But lookit me! I'm a Movie Star!!!


Martha Basset said...

Hi Fiona
Thanks for visiting our blog - it is really nice to meet you. We love to make new friends and our mum loves goldendoodles! We really dont care what kind of dogs our friends are - you know humans!
We listened to your Dad's song and thought you looked pretty unimpressed. Bailey started to howl so perhaps your dad is something of a hound dog right enough!
Nobody has ever written a song for us and we think it is pretty special.
We look forward to getting to know all about you - we think Fiona is a very cool name for a dog too. Have you met Clive? He is also a goldendoodle - he is as assistance dog for autism - he is on our blog roll if you dont know him. He is very handsome by the way......
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Clive said...

Hi Fiona

We had to drop over and say hello! Martha and Bailey mentioned in a comment to us this morning that they had met another Goldendoodle!

It's great to meet you and we enjoyed listening to your Dad's song - you didn't seem to be paying much attention - but then neither did I when the little man's mum played it several times - we had to play it several times because the little man really enjoyed it and even more so - because his Mom is called Fiona!!

Take care
lots of woofs
Clive and gang

Mango said...

I think that your dad might need a new outfit if he is going to be a big music star. Just a thought...

But his song totally rocks. I can see you are really enjoying it too.


1000 Goldens said...

Rock the house Gary! We're holding up lighters, even though you can't see us.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello fiona its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no a dog naymd jake wot mite be luking for yore dad naymd elwood he thinks they ar long lost brothers or sumthing ok bye

Checkers said...

Fi - thanks for visiting my blog - my mom is a retired agent - she said to tell your dad to 1. change his clothes and 2. don't quit the day job just yet - but she did add she can see some potential there -