Sunday, November 25, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my US friends had a great holiday weekend!  Dad's mother and sister were in town, so Daisy and Lucy-Fur and I scored with some seriously awesome doggie bags from their dinners!

Thanks to our Granny and Grandpa on Mom's side, we were able to get our annual calendars finished up with the annual holiday bandannas.  Granny and Grandpa did a rush job to get them to us, and at least some of us were totally ready to pose....

Let there be no question as to who is on Santa's 'Nice' list.

Is anyone surprised that Miss 'Naughty' took a while to show up for the shoot?  Even Miss 'Destroyer of Worlds' knows how to pose.

Dad's help was required to get Miss Naughty to the couch. And quite possibly there were bribes involved...

As soon as Mom got this photo, she called it good.  Clearly the two youngsters are related - look at those head tilts!
We were a tad less cooperative for the family photo with Mom and Dad and Dad's family...

The youngsters just wanted scratchies and I was worn out.  But notice how everyone is wearing matching Liz Dranow Photography sweatshirts? Very clever product placement, Mom!
We got snow over the weekend, which was welcomed by us.  The youngsters did Crazy Dog Zoomies.

After the snow ended and it all cleared out, there was frisbee time.  All I can say about Daisy is that she really shouldn't try to get between me and frisbee time!

I SAID, "get out of my face so I can catch the frisbee".  *sheesh*
Seriously, Daisy has some nerve....

Mom, can I trade her in for a hamster? 
I did get to catch some frisbees while the youngsters were otherwise occupied, but Mom somehow only managed to get photos of the ones where she did terrible throws and I was pulling the frisbee out of the snow... However, trust me - I'm still catching frisbees!

Unlike some other doggies who see to think the frisbee should just fall into her mouth...

I think she's glaring at the frisbee...
Lucy doesn't even try to catch frisbees. But she likes running around with them.

And she likes playing tug-of-war...

That haze is from their breath - it was cold this morning!
Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur