Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Busy Week!

As you may have noticed, we are posting on Monday night, rather than the usual Sunday night.  This is because Mom took Monday off of work to get a variety of things done, including, of course, spending lots of time with us!  With an extra day with Mom, we've had a very busy week!

There was, of course, Much Tennis Ball action.

And Many Zoomies.

Abby has been putting a lot of effort into her rehearsals for that famous ballet 'Doodle Lake'.

AND we had a doggie class - one of those 'socialization' things where we went out on the town and were social.

Mom keeps saying something about 'calendar photos'.  As long as there are treats involved, we don't really care what she calls them!

Here we are paying rapt attention to Jessi, the Turkey Hotdog Lady.  Mom grumbles that we don't pay as close attention to her as we do to Jessi.  Yeah, well, Jessi has better treats!

And I got a 'solo' photo!

We also encountered our buddy Kodi (short for Kodiak, as he's very bear-like) at Petco.  Mom was able to lure him away from his day job of holding down the sidewalks to get a few photos.  Kodi is a Newfoundland and looks a wee bit like a ginormous carpet with legs.

Lookit those feet!  Aren't those just the best hairy toes EVER?!?

Kodi is certain that he needs the treats being offered, while we could certain wait in the background and do without.  For the record, he got treats!
Mom also got a lot pictures of us this week relaxing in the shade while she shined things in our eyes used her little reflector.  This seems to amuse her, so we humor her.

Mom says these next two photos are "some of her favorites" (which I interpret as 'coming to a calendar near you').  Of they are among her favorites - how can you not like photos of happy dogs with tennis balls?

And while we do this to humor Mom, we do have fun, too.

This is Abby's 'come hither' look!

Me, doing my best Popeye impression!

Abby somehow manages to look so innocent some times.  I know her, and I'm amazed she can pull that look off!

Me?  I'm always innocent!

Mom likes this one because of the 'dappled' light and the grass and the flowers in the background.  And, of course, because I'm in it!

In addition to all that, Mom is in the process of creating a 'photography space' - a room where she can have all her equipment in one spot and keep some stuff set up without having to have it clutter up the living room.  She finally got the upstairs bedroom 'organized' and will be ready to move in her photography stuff any day now.  We tested out the room, and give it four paws up!

In case you were wondering, Mom got this blanket on a close-out sale - she was looking for something that would offset our hair (apparently all of the blankets in our house are varying shades of tan, which is essentially camouflage for us!).  The sparkles were an added bonus!
And I'll leave you with some Fall colors - Mom got this on our morning walkies!  The fall flame won't last much longer, but it's very pretty right now!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus