Sunday, July 27, 2014


The first of my follow-up tests is back and is negative (no nasty bacteria), and I'm all healed up, so I am BACK!  And I have been living it up!

I finally got to go back to doggie class with Abby!  It was about 87 million degrees out, so most of doggie class was spent looking for the shade...

We can just stay here in the shade, right?

Yep, I'm a happy girl again!

Smile for the camera, Abby!

Yes, we're paying attention, just not to you, Mom!
This week was even better than usual, because Mom had another holiday weekend.   Thursday the 24th was Pioneer Day, the Utah state holiday, and Mom had Thursday off, and then took Friday off (something about 'missing' the 4th of July weekend because of my surgery...), so we got 4 whole days to spend with Mom!!!  The only downside was that Mom felt the need to dress us up in silly costumes for Pioneer Day.

Abby was less amused about the whole portrait thing than I was!

Neither of us were amused here.  Seriously.  Where did these @#$!@!% hats come from?!?

Yep, I'm rocking the stars and stripes bandana!

"Mom, this is not funny!"
But luckily that madness only lasted one day.  It has been quite hot here (for us) and our tennis ball action has been somewhat limited, so we don't "melt our brains" (so says Mom).  But at least we've been able to get some tennis ball action in.

"Back off, Hippobottomus!  This tennis ball is MINE!"

Stalking the elusive tennis ball!

She may be a Hippobottomus, but she's got athleticism and dexterity when she needs it!


I even got the ear flappage going!

I think she was trying to balance that one on her head!

Nose bounce!

Jaws of Doom!

Abby continues to work on her ballet moves.

If you doubt my enthusiasm for tennis ball action, just look at my face!

Yep, I can walk tall!

More Jaws of Doom!

Abby, doing a fantastic impression of a baby bird!

Oh yeah!

 Yep, I'm a happy girl again!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus