Sunday, September 25, 2016

In Memoriam

Mom here again.

On Thursday, we said goodbye to Abby.  She fought the good fight against cancer for almost a year and a half, and for almost all of that time, she was her usual bouncy, waggy-tailed, flying-through-the-air self. Only in the last couple of days did she show signs of how weary her fight had made her. Selfishly, I am glad she only had a few days where she really wasn't her usual self.  Even now, I don't think of her as tired from her fight with cancer, I think of her as flying through the air.

Abby always had attitude, even from her earliest puppy days, when Fi wasn't sure what to make of her.

And Abby provided her sister with years and years of bitey-face action

She was always quite the suck-up in doggie class, and had many Great Adventures with her sister and Jessi the dog trainer.

Abby was also a mostly willing supermodel for me (I say mostly willing because she wouldn't work unless I had good snacks - I can't really blame her).

She was always a happy, goofy silly girl, and we will never forget her.

Fluffica, you are always in our hearts.

Thank you all for sharing the adventure that is Abby with us!
-Dr. Liz, Gary, Fiona and Daisy