Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Days are Here Again!

Abby's stitches have been removed, and Abby has been given the okay to return to her regularly scheduled zoomie/bouncy activities!  Thank you all for not telling her she is K-C-I-S (she can't spell backwards yet) - she doesn't have a clue, and no one here is telling her.  Mom says Abby will likely start chemotherapy in about 10 days or so - they haven't heard back on the liver/spleen results, so that will impact the level to which Abby will (or won't) glow in the dark.  But us doggies are known to handle chemo pretty well, so with luck, the summer will be filled with tennis balls and frisbees and what not!

Enough words.   Check out our return to tennis ball action!  Mom wanted Abby to start off in her jacket, just to make sure the incision site didn't get dirty.  The jacket didn't slow her down one bit!

And Mom's hope that tennis balls would keep Abby from flying through the air was quickly dashed!

Yep, it's good to be back out with the tennis balls!
Later in the afternoon, after checking to make sure Abby's twisty-turny-leaping activity hadn't done anything to the incision site, Abby was good to go coat free!

Her leggies haven't lost any of their spring!

And the ear-flappage is all in working order, too!

Mom calls this Abby's 'Dance like no one is watching' move!  Heheh!

Abby's catching skills are as sharp as ever!  Heehee!

Sisterly tennis ball time!

Abby has gone straight back to work at the Ministry of Silly Walks!

Not to worry, it wasn't the All Abby Show - although I don't blame Mom for being happy that Abby can be amused with tennis balls, and doesn't have to be doped up any more!

Are we happy about the return to tennis ball activity?  You betcha!

And it seemed to have worn a certain Hippobottomus sister of mine out!

And it made me very thirsty!

Thank you all again for all the good wishes, thoughts and prayers.  I'll make sure to keep you updated on the new about her liver and spleen, and, of course, when Abby starts her treatments to glow in the dark!  Or maybe she'll get some other nifty super power.... She can already fly, so maybe she'll get another power, like, uh, I dunno.  The Iron Man suit would be sort of cool, if it came with the soundtrack!  Heheh!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus