Sunday, October 9, 2016

Daisy is No Archbishop of Canterbury


Will no one rid me of this meddlesome beast?!?


Don't get me wrong. Daisy is cute, and as far as puppies go, she's not too bad.  And trust me, I know. Daisy had her first official puppy class on Saturday, and I went too, partially because Mom didn't want to leave me home alone (I would have been FINE; just cue up a couple of seasons of Dogs with Jobs on Netflix, give me a bowl of snacks, and life would have been fine), and partially because she thought it would be great family bonding.  Yuh.  Whatever. All those little puppy monsters made me all nervous, and so I did all the exercises behind a little screen - I could see Dad and Daisy (and Mom, of course) but I didn't have to see all the little puppy monsters.  So I guess that was a plus with class - I did get to see that I could have a puppy sibling that is much crazier than Daisy.

But still.  I went out for some quality tennis ball time this weekend, and the wee beast joined me. Which is totally fine. She has to learn important skills like chasing tennis balls and barking at the neighbors, but she hasn't quite figured out that I am the Queen of the Tennis Balls.

See, I am the Queen!

Her leggies are WAY too short to run with me!

And yet she seems to think she can engage me in Tennis Ball Games.
Daisy even thinks she is a Big Dog and can chase tennis balls like me.

I'll admit it; she's got attitude. And maybe in time she'll be an excellent tennis ball protege. But in the meantime, seems to think that if she can't chase tennis balls, she can just bitey me, instead.

Lookit those mini Jaws of Doom!

No, Daisy, my leg does NOT taste like chicken, no matter what you say!
Did I mention that Daisy has been diagnosed as Just Plain Nuts? Apparently that is a common condition for puppies....

However, she does wear out fairly quickly, and then she plops down in the grass...

Leaving me free to chase more tennis balls!

But I'm getting more used to the wee beastie.  Even if she tries to bitey me all the time! But I think when I get her trained, we'll make a great team!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Crazy Daisy