Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lucy's Birthday, Part Two

As I mentioned in the last post, Mom decided to spread Lucy-Fur's birthday celebrations out over a few days, so everything could get packed in.

On Saturday I went swimming (more on that later!) and in the afternoon we went to the Magic Cheeseburger Window.  The experience was all I could hope for, with lots of things to sniff!

The youngsters were a tad clueless (which should come as no surprise to anyone!), but at least they had some idea that something interesting was happening!

"Where are we? What are those smells?'

"Hey Dad, could you tell Mom to hurry it up? We want to eat!"
Needless to say, there were no photos of the actual eating of the cheeseburgers and we were interested in eating and not posing for photos!

Today Lucy-Fur finally got to open her Goodie Box from Chewy.  The box contained, among other things, a silly hat.  Lucy-Fur is shockingly tolerant of this nonsense (she definitely didn't get that from me!).

The box also contained an actual birthday cake snack (made of oats and molasses and other yummy stuff),

As well as a birthday cake squeaky toy...

The squeaky toy was such a big hit that after Daisy and Lucy-Fur had been playing with it for an hour or so, Mom had to take it to the stuffie ER to stitch it up a bit.  I actually took the toy at one point and was happily squeaking away on it - Mom didn't get any photos because she didn't want to distract me.  But she was all excited that I was playing with a toy.  Mom, I DO play with toys, just not when the youngsters can butt in!

The box also contained a squeaky ball (not out for consumption yet as Mom thinks it will drive us all nuts) and some other snacks.  Quite the successful birthday box! (And not once did I complain about not getting anything like that when I turned 1!)

And I actually really didn't complain, because Saturday morning I went swimming with Mom.  Mom has been playing around with lighting to get better photos (she keeps muttering something about this being her white whale - but I don't see any whales in this pool!).  With more lights, she was able to capture me in full Loch Ness Fi-sters Mode!

Run, Angela, run!

So, my paw goes like that, huh? Okay!

I can point, too!

"We're gonna need a bigger boat!"  Heehee!

Lookit my feety-feet!

I'm still chasing you, Angela!

I'm ready!

Check out that light - almost light I was in an outdoor pool. Sort of!

Ahhh! Massage!

Another great weekend!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur