Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to Goose!

We want to wish our buddy Goose a very happy 15th birthday!  Fifteen!!!!  And yet he doesn't look a day over ten!  (Go visit our buddy Goose and give him some birthday love - go on, we'll wait!)    If you don't know Goose, you should spend some time perusing his bloggie; not only is Goose a wise, handsome guy, but he and his Mom have a lot of funballs times together.

However, we have to confess that Goose's birthday is even extra special for us, because yesterday our Mom got to meet Goose in the furs, and take some photos of him.  She has like 87 million photos of Goose, so it will take a while to get them all organized, but here are a few photos from her shoot with Goose and his Mom yesterday, celebrating Goose's birthday.  (He's been celebrating for the last couple of weeks, but can you blame him?)

Goose, a Momma's boy in the best possible way!
Mom, being Mom, brought The Dreaded Party Hats. (I have a feeling Goose wasn't given any advance warning about these party hats.... and seriously, what is it with our Mom and these silly hats?!?)
Of course, Goose is used to his Mom putting silly hats on his head, so the two of them have this routine down.

It's okay, Goose.  We both look silly.  And besides, I have a plan....

Mom, tell me more about this plan....

When Dr. Liz gets here for the group photo, well, you'll see.  But in the meantime, act natural.
Ah-ha!  Goose and his Mom managed something we have never been able to accomplish - they got our Mom to wear one of those dreaded party hats!  Goose, if we didn't already love and admire you, this would have totally sold us on your wonderfulness!

Good job, Goose!!!!
Goose and his Mom have a very special bond, and our Mom was really lucky to capture that special bond and make it tangible.

Have a great birthday, Goose!!!  And thanks for getting her to wear one of those silly hats!!!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Photos from the Blogville Valentine's Heart 2 Heart Dance!

Yes, yes, yes, the photographers' assistant was a bit slow in getting the photos from the Blogville Heart 2 Heart Dance printed.  As the photographers, we were totally on top of things, but Mom was a bit slow on getting the prints done for everyone.   So, without further adieu, here are the guests that were able to make it to our photo booth!

We also had these two handsome bachelors come by our booth.  How could these two possibly be bachelors?!?  Charley, Abby wants to know if you like long walks, kibble at midnight and tennis balls... If so, she says she's available!  (Although you should probably be warned, we have a reputation for taking gentlemen out on crazy dates...).

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our photo booth!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus