Monday, September 1, 2014

The Times, They Are A Changin'

Blame Mom for the title.  (Actually, blame Granny and Grandpa - they were into that hippie folk music stuff and even actually saw Joan Baez and Bob Dylan in concert a million years ago - and so that rubbed off on Mom.  Mom even knows most of the words to Alice's Restaurant Massacree... Just ask her about the Group W bench.  Or don't.  It's probably better if you don't.)

Anyhoo, Mom's photo bloggie already used the 'Fall has Arrived' title and she didn't want to confuse the two people who read both bloggies.  But since last week, Fall has arrived in style!

Mom says we weren't being cooperative here.  We say she wasn't offering good enough treats!
Still not good enough treats!

I don't know why Mom likes this photo so much.  I mean, it's not one of the best photos of us.  True, the sun shining on the Fall leaves is kinda pretty, but what about us?!?

At least it wasn't all photos and no walkies....

And while Fall was springing out around us, we did get in a bunch of tennis ball action this week.

"Abby, that one's yours - I've already got one!"


Mom always says something about 'zombie dogs' when she sees this picture.  I have No Idea what she's talking about!

Mini UFO!


Shake it up baby!

The Doodle Launcher still works!

Mom says this photo makes her back hurt.  Yet another case of me having No Idea what she's talking about!

In addition to all our tennis ball action, Mom took a bunch of indoor photos (we got some rain this week, which is why our grass is so green for this time of year, and when it rains, Mom plays with her lighting set ups...).

This is a re-creation of the look we give her every morning when she leaves for work (she leaves super early and the house is always dark except for the light in the stairwell).

We are getting treats for this, right?  Our contract specifically states treats!
Bright eyes!

Good evening, and welcome to Masterpiece Theatre!
I KNOW my contract says there will be treats!

We like to challenge Mom by sitting as far apart on the couch as possible!

I see the treat!

Why do people say I'm in the dark?

I guess you can never have too many portraits of us, huh?

We've cooperated, now hand over the treats and no one gets hurt!
Mom did get some outdoor 'portraits', too!

I think I've located Dr. Livingstone!

"You are the wind beneath my ears!"


Me and my tennis ball!
Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus