Sunday, March 10, 2019

Snow, and Guitars, and Birthdays, and Stuff

Yeah, so it's been a bit since I've been able to coax Mom into helping me with a blog post (sometimes this having no thumbs things puts a crimp in one's blogging).  Mom's been busy with work, and stuff, but we're here and having fun!  We have been getting Yet More Snow - which is fine by us, as snow zoomies NEVER get old (and with all my swimming, I'm strong enough to power through deep snow, uphill!!!)!

Lucy doesn't worry about powering through anything - she just flies over the snow - apparently there's much less drag that way!

She does land occasionally, but I think she prefers flying.

As for Daisy, well, I'm not sure if either technique (powering through the snow, or attempting to fly out of it) would help with her Frisbee-catching abilities...

Oh, Lucy-Fur, don't look!
Believe it or not, Daisy managed to drop this one.... How can she drop it when it's in her paws?!?
Seriously, Lucy-Fur, if you need a role model, watch me. I actually know how to catch a Frisbee...

Of course, when I catch Frisbees, Daisy thinks that means that I want her to attackle me.
No, I don't want her to attackle me!

Did I mention that Lucy-Fur seems to like bouncing around?  This kid has springs in her leggies!

Mom and I spent some time engaging in one of our favorite past-times - Frisbee tug-of-war!  (I always win, BTW.)

And, of course, I took some time to look stunning for Mom.

Then, there was some time just enjoying the snow. Some of us like running up to Mom for snacks.

Coming in for snacks, Mom! Get out the good stuff!

You have the good stuff, right?!?
The youngsters seem to engage in crazier pursuits...

Yeah, um, this would be why Daisy has her own puppy...
Daisy also seems to enjoy doing, uh, something, in the snow.  She calls it displaying it unbridled enthusiasm. I call it nutso...

Mom attempted some family photos with, well, not complete success...

I blame Daisy....
I'm not sure who to blame here.... Daisy, probably! Heehee!
Mom also spent a bunch of time photographing us inside. Apparently she was testing out some of her lights for a shoot and as soon as she started on the indoor photos, she sort of went nuts. In fact, she's decided she's going to get Dad's help to stage some 'musical dog' photos - pairing amps and guitars with appropriate doggies.  For example, here is Daisy doing her best Angus Young (Daisy's theme song is 'Problem Child' so it fits...)...

Total 'Problem Child' here!

This is her album photo! Heehee!
And then there was Double Trouble (although Dad says they need a different guitar/amp setup if they are going to do the Stevie Ray Vaughan thing):

I don't know what Lucy-Fur is doing here, but she's getting this modeling thing figured out!

Mom keeps singing "It's time to start the music... It's time to light the lights... This is what we call the Muppet Show!"  I think Mom has lost it...
Some how we all sort of squeezed in together for a photo...

Apparently we aren't supposed to sit right in front of the umbrella behind us.... I know that but the models-in-training are still leaning...
And yes, there were some photos of me, looking very dramatical!

Oh, and today was Dad's birthday! The big 6-5.  Apparently that's a big deal.  Happy birthday, Dad! Mother Nature apparently wanted to help Dad celebrate by bringing a little snow!

Mom and Dad went out to dinner, and brought home an appropriately-sized doggie bag. But not before they had their waiter take a couple of photos of them.

Have a great week! We'll be the ones eating the leftover steak!

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur