Monday, January 5, 2009

What is this 'life' thing that I keep hearing people talk about having?

I have no life. Let’s face it. I’m feeling quite satisfied with my day today, and what exactly did I accomplish?

    1. 10 mile bike ride (after getting Gary’s clothes out for him while he was on a business call).

    2. 2 mile jog with the puppy.

    3. Securing the spot for the trailer with the Corvette (which will be arriving here some time later in the month)

    4. Getting 3 boxes from UPS (this required me to open the door when the guy who works at the RV park came by; in all fairness, I also gave him a case of Dr. Pepper, because the guy comes to our motorhome so often that I feel guilty)

    5. Changing the litter in the cat box (with a full washing of the cat box, I might add…. Yep, I’m grasping at straws here…)

    6. Making 4 cups of tea for the husband while he was on various sundry business calls.

    7. Washing 1 load of laundry (but I haven’t folded the stuff in the dryer yet).

And I’ll make dinner here in a few minutes (which also means that I have to wash the dishes *whew).

Yep, that’s one full, exciting day, eh? Yeah, not so much. But ever since forcibly entering domestic engineering , I have fairly boring days. Except for when they’re not. Actually, now that I think about it, I think my life is a bit like being a spy: 99% boring activities, 1% death-defying activities. Except my death-defying moments have less to do with getting shot at (usually), and more to do with going faster than the freeway speed limit on skis, and trying to drive large horse-power cars in the direction that I’d like them to go (I have this tendency to spin the Corvette… which, other than putting flat spots on the tires, is actually quite entertaining…. More on that later.) Since I’m trying to avoid the 65 mph+ thing on skis this year, the only upcoming excitement will be car racing.

Of which there should be some by the end of the month. And I’ll be back in the Corvette, proving that sideways IS a direction.

And knowing that those moments are out there waiting for me makes perfectly happy with the boring stuff.

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vuboq said...

"Sideways" was way over-rated as a movie ... so I'm pretty sure that it's over-rated as a direction as well.

Maybe you should make a trip out to the DC/Metro Area! Wouldn't that be exciting?!?! (leave the dogs)