Sunday, January 25, 2009

Of Fiona and Things


Fiona, with her head poking out the bedroom window of the motorhome. Of course she’s supervised, but she loves hanging her head out the bedroom window to watch the world and catch the breezes. In truth, I don’t know if she does this in the car or not, as I really haven’t taken her in the car other than for vet visits and to go to the groomer; we pretty much only drive if we are going to our starting point for a bike ride, or if I’m going to the store (and I’m not going to leave her in the car while I go shopping, or spend unmentionable amounts of time at the Pharmacy of Death ™).

And speaking of Fi (and when are we not?) our little girl is no longer a little girl. Well, she’s not been a little girl for a while…. 45+ lbs is not exactly little… But she’s 6 months old, and goes in tomorrow to get spayed. It’s amazing that she’s 6 months old already… It seems like only yesterday she was just a little pup at the Solo Nationals.


She’s still going to get taller, and fill out quite a bit more, but she’s really starting to look like a dog, and less like a puppy. Of course, she still acts like a goofy puppy, so there’s no mistaking her for a more distinguished dog…. Right now she’s tall enough that when she stands up, TaiChi can walk right under her. Fiona definitely gets her legs from her mother (the poodle).

Today was yet another gorgeous day; mid-70s and not a cloud in the sky. Because we have been riding steadily, we had planned on taking a day off, and I had planned on spending part of the day reading in the sun.

But alas, no. We had a little dog accident that required me to wash all the sheets and blankets on the bed. In all fairness, it had to be done soon anyway, and this was a good impetus to do so. Still, my dreams of basking in the sun didn’t happen. Oh well. Lots more days like this ahead.

And I’ve finally made the kayak choice. I’m going with a package, because, frankly, we don’t need super-high tech stuff. I’m actually getting slightly better boats than I had first planned on.

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Mostly because these have better seats that have more adjustments – and I’m worried that if Gary has a seat that he can’t adjust until he’s comfortable, he won’t go out much. And with his back, more adjustment is better. So, I’m spending a little more than I had planned on, but I think it will be well worth it. Especially since we’ll be able to use these on the reservoirs in Utah, and in the lakes in Idaho (as well as anywhere else we might go). They are flat-water boats – we’re not tackling rapids in these things – but there should be plenty of places for us to use them, and it will be good fun to get out on the water.

Hopefully I’ll be able to order them tomorrow, and within a week or two, we’ll be hitting the river! (And yes, there is enough room in the cockpit that Fiona could come along, but she doesn’t seem to be so excited about water, and I’m not sure how much she’ll ‘rock the boat’, so to speak!)

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Farley & his Mom said...

Hi Dr. Liz - I came to your blog to see if I could find a picture of Fiona. She's so cute!!