Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Corrections from the Editor

After several emails, I guess I should make a couple of clarifications about that last post.

    1. I’m not complaining about my life. Quite the opposite, in fact (although now I’m feeling a little depressed about my lack of communication skills…*grin). I’m LOVING life, and I actually enjoy the fact that my days aren’t jammed packed with SuperExcitingSuperImportantThings; I’d be exhausted in about 3 hours. I actually LIKE the simplicity of things. And I LOVE the fact that I’ve got the time to revel in simple things.

    So, don’t misunderstand the last post. I like not having a SuperBusySuperExciting life. I really like simple and uncomplicated. Heck. I like not having a job.

    2. Which brings me to point number two about that post. When I say that I ‘forcibly entered domestic engineering’, I meant that after 18 years of continuous employment at the University of Utah, they decided they no longer had a need for my services. I did not mean to imply that a dustpan and broom were surgically attached to my limbs. The University kicked me to the curb (a long story for another time), and after an unsuccessful job search, my loving husband convinced me that it was better for all parties involved (the two of us) if I were to stay at home and help him with his business. Given that this meant that I didn’t actually have to work 8-5, commute, attend staff meetings, or any of those other odious things related to employment, I was thrilled. As my family will tell you, I was really trained to be a princess. The work thing never really fit well into my world view…

    And yes, I realize how lucky I am to not have to work. And I’m trying to appreciate every minute of it!

And in other excitement, after my cousin lamented being stuck in a cooking rut on Facebook, I decided to join Weight Watchers. No, that’s really not a non sequitur statement, as much as it sounds like it. Both the spouse and I need to drop a few pounds, and my sister-in-law (Gary’s sister) had mentioned a few months ago about how she was thrilled with the variety of recipes that she got through Weight Watchers. Since they are doing their typical New Year’s ‘deals’ on joining, I figured, “what the hell?” Worst case scenario, I lose a couple of bucks; best scenario, I get some assistance in helping us lose weight. The only thing that sort of irked me was that you had to be over the normal BMI for your height to join. If they are really promoting healthy eating for life, it really shouldn’t matter if you are within the normal range. I kind of cheated, however. I don’t have a scale here, and haven’t been on a scale for several months, at what time I was well within the normal BMI range. So, I lied. Sue me. I’m trying to do the healthy eating for life thing.

Anyhoo, I am now a member of Weight Watchers. And, I confess, while their ‘points’ system seems like it could be a little annoying (I’m not getting OCD about it, although it is an interesting exercise), the recipes have definitely been a plus. Sure, some of the stuff is pretty boring (broiled fish, veggies, rice), but some of the other stuff is pretty good, and, more importantly, totally different from the same-old-same-old stuff we’ve been eating. Tomorrow? Turkey burgers. The night after that? Either fish sandwiches or chicken parmesan…. None of which I have cooked in, oh, never… So this is a good thing. And if nothing else, I’ll be thinking a little more about our diet.

Which, combined with the fact that we are cycling every day, and I’ve been jogging with Fiona almost every day should see us back to our ‘smaller selves’ without too much pain and suffering (well, the jogging is pain and suffering, but in a good way... oh, and on that note? My surgery knee (ACL replacement, May 2004) is GREAT. No issues whatsoever. *knocks on wood*).

And on that note, I’m going to munch on some popcorn and retire with the husband and the doggies. ‘Night.

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vuboq said...

A friend of mine lost loads of weight using Weight Watchers. She was very good at keeping track of all the points and things ... and she weighed out all her food.

I am interested to hear the UofU story sometime...