Monday, January 26, 2009

Iacta alea est

Yes, the die is cast. And the Mastercard charged, but I don't know the Latin for that...

I bit the bullet and bought the kayaks (and PFDs and paddles and spray skirts and paddle leashes) tonight. I wasn't REALLY sure that I wanted to spend the money, because while I'm perfectly happy repeatedly spending $50-75 on Amazon, or on discounted clothes, once I hit the 4 digit mark I get a little nervous. But, it was sort of a now-or-never; if I wait too long, the river will be full of drunk spring breakers on jet skis and we won't get much use out of them. And, if I wait too long, I'll hesitate myself into inaction.

So. The kayaks are on their way (or they will be tomorrow). Bright yellow for Gary, and red for me (we got different colors so once we set them up, we'll be able to tell whose is whose).

I'm actually QUITE excited. I haven't been in a kayak in 20 years, and that was all whitewater stuff, so it should be very interesting (read: amazing at how clueless I'll be). But I'm looking at this like biking - it can be a great workout with great scenery, or it can be a very casual cruise with great scenery. Can't lose, either way!

And in other news, Fiona is now officially spayed (yes, I paid attention to Bob Barker for 1,000 years). And is quite sleepy. She's still a little dopey from the anesthesia, so she's in a diaper for the night in case of accidents, and sleeping like a log. She's got a quiet week ahead of her, I think.

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