Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life is good

Mmm… I made the tastiest turkey burgers EVER for dinner. Kinda Greek-y, and REALLY tasty.

I’ve given up on beef for hamburgers and have been using turkey. I’ve also added more fish to our diet, and tons of veggies. And I’ve actually discovered that cauliflower can be eaten WITHOUT cheese. No. Really. It can be. I’m not so sure about broccoli. I think broccoli still requires cheese for it to be edible. But cauliflower is quite tasty. And squash. Good stuff. Anyhoo, I’m quite pleased with the general changes I’m making in our diet.

And while I’m not super excited about my weight (okay, I’ve been doing the weight watchers thing for what? A week and a half? I could really pass on the whole weighing myself thing – because that part is a little depressing – other than that at least the numbers seem to be going to right direction – but they’re still numbers that I’d really rather not see at all), I’m already starting to fit better into clothes that I wasn’t fitting so well into before. Definitely the diet thing is helping, as is the cycling 70 miles a week – and that number will bump up to about 100 or so in time.

I’ve also started back to jogging with the puppy. I’d really like to be able to ride 20-30 miles, and then take the dog on a 2 mile jog. And then, I’d actually like to add a paddle along with that.

See, we’re 400 yards from the Colorado River. And I’m just dying to get a kayak and get out and paddle around. True, I haven’t been in a kayak in 15 years, but this is flat water. And the water is just calling to me. Especially on the days when it is just glassy.

So, I’ve been investigating recreational kayaks. The only way we can get them back to Park City is in the back of the truck (Oh, did I mention that our buddy Larry brought down the truck and the trailer with the Corvette in it? He took the Saturn Vue back to Park City – too bad, as I was really getting into the manual transmission thing – and we’ve got the truck as our vehicle. The Corvette will stay trailered except for races.) Which limits us on length, so I’ve been looking at 10’ introductory kayaks. L.L. Bean has a good deal on a nice looking kayak package that would suit our needs nicely. I think I can get everything we need for about $1100. And I’d really like to get out on the river. Gary’s been buying guitars, so I’m not sure I want to spend $1100 right now, but it is really tempting. Especially with the upper body/core workout it would give us – a great contrast to the cycling and the jogging.

And it is especially tempting since the weather has been in the 70s, and although there will be some cooler days, we are pretty much out of ‘winter’ here.

We’ll see.

BUT…. I’m feeling good; I’m really enjoying the cycling, now that I’ve got a better water-bottle-carrying system, I like the jogging with the puppy more (and she’s getting better, so that makes it a little easier, too), and I’m feeling good about how we are eating. And all of this is cool. And exactly what I was hoping for when we moved down here.

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