Monday, January 19, 2009

If you're in southern Arizona, watch out - I'm on the road!

Heh. I am a truck drivin’ woman again. Larry took the Saturn Vue back to Park City, leaving us with the Corvette and the Ford F-350. And here in The Land of Many 5th Wheels, I have no issues with Truck Envy. Because a crew cab, full-sized bed F-350 is pretty much on the top of the heap. There is some philosophical debate about whether a dualie is Better; they look cooler, but they have some issues. Regardless, we are Up There. Particularly since we’ve had the truck souped-up, and can crank up the HP to the point of blowing black smoke out the exhaust if I so desire. Anyhoo, if I was driving around in a F-150 (or equivalent), I’d feel a little under-endowed. As it is, I have complete confidence in the size of my truck.

That last part didn’t come out right. But I have too much to do tonight to try to re-phrase that.

However, having a Big Truck means that I have to actually DRIVE a Big Truck. Let’s just say that it took me a few miles to feel that I could actually manage to stay in my lane without having to check the little towing mirrors on the bottom of the side mirrors. And, hey, I didn’t kill myself, or anyone else. Nor did I get pulled over for reckless driving, so it’s all good.

Because I guess I actually have to make sure I can drive the truck before I can even think about learning to tow anything with it. Let me re-phrase that; I’d prefer to have complete command of the truck before I learn to tow stuff.

So yeah. I’m a truck driving chick again. And I’ve even got a CD of Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, and other country greats in the CD player. Yep. I’m going native!

And in other excitement, 20 miles on the bike today. We’ve got this great road on an Indian Reservation that has very little traffic on it, has a very slight uphill grade on the way out (and a headwind), making for a slight downhill and tailwind on the way back. The road supposedly goes out 13 miles, but we’ve only been out 10 – we’ll keep riding it until we hit the end. But, it is such an empty road that I’ve actually started bringing along my iPod (well, the Shuffle), and listening to music (one ear bud in – the other left out so I can hear the odd car). I’ve always ridden around traffic before, so this is the first time I’ve been able to do this, and it does enhance the experience.

Of course, the 70 degree weather and clear blue skies also enhances the experience. Gods, it feels good to be back on a road bike, and laying down some miles.

Oh, and I might have figured out a way to swing the kayaks. We’ll see. But I’d be very happy if I could add some paddling to the whole thing.

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