Friday, March 20, 2009

Yet another one

I've been a little stressed lately, what with familial health (on a couple of fronts) not being at an all-time high, so when stressed, I need to occupy myself somehow. And needlepoint is just the thing; enough to keep the brain occupied, but not so daunting that I don't do it.

This one is actually for some friends of ours here in Parker who are returning to Washington state next Tuesday. I'll get it framed here and mail it to them, since it won't be totally done before they leave. They've been very helpful with animal issues, and have two cats who have been known to leave their 5th wheel in the throws of chaos from time to time. So, this one seemed very appropriate for them.


In other news? Dogs and cat are doing well; TaiChi (the 17 year old miniature poodle) is holding her own with her kidneys, and Bufus the cat seems to be holding his own with his diabetes and the inoperable tumor. TaiChi gets subcutaneous fluids every day, and Bufus gets insulin twice a day, so we've got a mini animal hospital going here. Fiona is fabulous as ever; full of bounding energy. So all of that is good.

Gary is still a mess; we are looking to see if we can get his neck and back MRI'ed down here to see if we can target the debilitating nerve pain that he's been experiencing. As an aside, the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale apparently doesn't do orthopedic/neurologic diagnoses - I called them to see about an appointment, and they were ready to cut if he came in with MRIs and a diagnosis, but didn't do it on-site. I thought that's what the Mayo Clinics DID, but apparently not this one. I think the local hospital can do the MRIs, and then from there we could see what could/should be done. In the meantime, he's in a great deal of pain, and is generally not having a lot of fun. (Lying in bed all day taking medication when he could be kayaking/cycling/playing his guitar is not his idea of a good time.) Again, hopefully the local hospital can start to help us on the diagnostic front.

Anyhoo, that's all the excitement here. Stay tuned for more needlepoint updates! ;-D
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vuboq said...

if you want to do the framing yourself, this site has cheap (but good) cut to order frames:

Swistle said...

Oh, that came out SO CUTE!