Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The bullet point version of life.

Because I've obviously been too busy lazy to post anything, here's my life in bullet points:

1. I'm working on a cross-stitch pattern that isn't super complicated but has A LOT of stitches. Like every single hole in the material gets a stitch. Note to self: in future, don't just look at the difficulty of the pattern, but also at the actual area that the stitching covers. Good thing I really like this pattern.

2. The weather has been very warm (90 yesterday), and I'm loving it. We went on a bike ride yesterday that was (in my mind) just perfect; sleeveless jersey and shorts. Ideal.

3. Gary is recovering from bronchitis/pneumonia, so the bike riding has been a bit curtailed.

4. I've been kayaking a bit, but the river is running fairly fast, and it is a ton of effort to get upstream. Going downstream, however, is a breeze.

5. The 18 and a half year old diabetic Maine Coon cat was hospitalized last night after complications related to very low blood sugar.
I learned several lessons with this one:
a) always keep corn syrup on hand if you've got diabetic animals,
b) a cat going in diabetic shock is a pretty horrifying thing to experience,
c) I hate driving in the dark, especially on 2-lane roads with signs that say 'watch for animals', and
d) even though neither Gary nor I are particularly social at the RV park, we have very good neighbors who are willing to do anything in a pinch (including sacrificing their pancake syrup for our cat), and that is really cool.

6. If things go well, Bufus the cat will be able to come home tonight.

7. Having a house with multiple older animals is stressful. A puppy is a must in situations like ours.

8. My husband is a very handy guy, even if he likes to hide this fact.

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