Monday, March 30, 2009

No needlepoint, nor even any pictures of doggies.

Meh. It’s Monday, so it seems like a good ‘meh’ is in order.

I’ve been on the phone all morning, mostly leaving messages, but at least finally determining that Gary’s MRIs tomorrow WILL be covered by the insurance. (There was some debate as to whether they would cover it or not, because he hadn’t actually seen a doctor, just had a phone consultation.) This is a good thing. Now, if I can just get his meds handled, his neurosurgeon to understand that he has MRIs coming in that he needs to look at sooner, rather than later (later being the June 17th appointment that he’s got with the guy, this being the soonest that he can get in to see him; unless it is an emergency. I think), and an appointment with the dog groomer (Fiona’s hair grows thick and woolly – and FAST – she’s already a shag carpet again), I’ll be good.

It was super windy last night, and while it looks like it has calmed down for now, we are supposed to have a ‘wind advisory’ in effect until 3pm. With last night’s wind, I swear we were going to end up with a pair of ruby slippers sticking out from under the front wheels; the entire coach was shaking with the wind, and we weigh about 36,000 lbs right now (we weren’t actually moving in our spot, but still…). I am POSITIVE that I saw a lady on a bicycle go flying by.

So, with the wind, and Fiona still thinking that she’s this 8lb puppy that we had up on pillow, and Gary having a rough night, pain-wise, I don’t think anyone fell asleep until about 3am. And, of course, the doggies had to go out about 6, and I had to start making phone calls at 8:30ish. So, meh.

I need to swap out purses today; since Gary’s MRIs are going to take For Ever, I am going to bring along some needlepoint (not the Ginormous Project of Doom, because that one actually requires a little concentration, but another one that doesn’t require lots of color changes), and need a purse into which I can actually fit the little project. At some point, I am going to admit Purse Defeat, and carry a big sack, like my mother does. (Actually, she has said Big Sack, and gets my dad to carry it; I don’t think I’m going to be able to convince Gary to carry my purse for me…)

In other ‘meh’, the diet seems to have stalled. Of course, not getting in a lot of exercise (other than jogging with the puppy, and kayaking when there aren’t a zillion power boats on the water), has likely contributed to that. But, I am still filled with a desire to eat pizza for breakfast and say to hell with it all. Of course, clothes are still fitting better, and my body shape has definitely changed, so I really shouldn’t be whining, but I’d be happier if the scale decided to cooperate, as well. Eh, one morning of pizza won’t kill me; I’m just not certain that I can face another bowl of oatmeal.

Okay. One set of Gary’s meds down, one to go. I’m trying to batch all of this so I only have to drive into town once today. Because driving in to town takes away from quality needlepoint time (where quality needle point time includes watching episodes of Stargate SG-1 on because for some reason my Friday Night Lights addiction was cut short when they didn’t put up the first 6 episodes of season 3 – but have episodes 7-11….).

Mysteriously, the front tire of my road bike has gone flat. Sitting on the rack. Actually, the front tire of my mountain bike has also gone flat, also sitting on the rack, but that one I understand; I ride the mountain bike around the RV park and manage to pick up bougainvillea thorns all the time. The road bike tire just mysteriously went flat. No worries. I’ve got 2 other wheel sets with me; I’ll just swap out the front wheel.

If I ever go riding again. Which may happen; Gary has been moving around more, and if I can get him out on a couple of good walks, we might try the biking thing. Assuming, of course, that the neurosurgeon doesn’t call and tell us to get back to Salt Lake (where it is currently snowing) post haste.

All that said, it is a GORGEOUS day; in the 60s right now (actually a little chilly with the wind), CLEAR blue skies (except for the occasional woman on a bicycle/house/little dog flying through the air), and all the weekend people have left, making it a quiet park again. Heh. I am such an old fogey! Speaking of being an Old Fogey, I’ve got a birthday coming up soon. And while I won’t be looking for Envelopes Stuffed with the Cash, like some people I know (whose name shall remain anonymous to protect the guilty – even though You Know Who You Are!), a gift card to a sewing shop of your choice wouldn’t go amiss.*ahem.

Okay. Enough with the shameless plugs; I have to make a decision about something to eat, make a menu/shopping list, and do some needlepoint.

Not necessarily in that order, mind you.

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